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  • Date : June 1-2, 2017
  • Theme : Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)
  • Conducted By : Dr. Amit Agrawal
  • Speakers : Dr. Amit Agrawal

In business and social research, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) has become one of the widely used techniques for investigating complex causal relationships amongst latent variables. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) enables us to examine series of dependence-independent relationships simultaneously. It is particularly useful in testing theories that contain multiple equations involving dependence relationships, where a hypothesized dependent variable becomes an independent variable in a subsequent dependence relationship.

Recently SEM using AMOS has gained popularity in different fields of research and in practice viz., marketing research, information systems research, organization behavior research, strategic management, psychology, healthcare, and social sciences research.

The FDP enabled lots of opportunities to members of faculty of SIMS, Pune to practice SEM. The empirical examples and exercises were practiced using IBM SPSS as well as AMOS software. The participants were given on-hands experience of ways to develop research paper, check missing data, unengaged response, and factor analysis (both exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis).

Further how to identify adopted scales and check their reliability and validity, was explained to the participants along with common method bias. The FDP was aimed to make all the faculty aware with recent usage of SEM in writing research papers and teaching.

  • Date : 27/05/2017
  • Theme : Business Simulation
  • Conducted By : Mr. Atish Bakhru
  • Speakers : Mr. Atish Bakhru

Glimpses of the FDP on Business Simulation An FDP on Business Simulation was conducted on 27th May by Mr. Atish Bakhru, SIMS’ alumnus and SAP Consultant at TCS. This Business Simulation game was a software-based game in which there were 4 heads- finance, marketing, human resource and operations. There were 6 rounds signifying 6 months. There were 7 teams of faculty. They were expected to apply their strategy and sell one specific product like computer. The team with highest amount of selling and valuations was to win. Within 3 hours, the Game was over! Dr. Suruchi Pandey and Dr. Pradnya Chitrao’s team won. Ms. Preeti Kamboj, Dr.Sanjay Pawar and Brig.(Dr.)Rajiv Divekar’s team came second. Dr. Hirak Dasgupta and Dr.Vanishree Pabalkar’s team came third. Rest of the teams were disqualified after different rounds depending on their performance in the game.

  • Date : 28.02.15
  • Theme : “Coffee with Experts” and “Research Proposal Presentation”
  • Conducted By : Prof. Arti Chandani & Dr. Mita Mehta
  • Speakers : Dr. Maju Singh, Dr. Urvasrhi

SIMS organised a unique FDP which provided the platform to the researchers to present and discuss and seek critical review from the experts in order to overall improve the quality of research. The experts were, Brig. (Retd.) Rajiv Divekar, Dr. B. R. Londhe, Dr. Asha Nagendra, Prof. Komal Chopra and Prof. M. Dhanunjay Kumar. There were 20 researchers who attended this FDP and were immensely benefitted from the expert advice.

14 participants presented their research proposal and they were judged on the quality of the research. The judges were Dr. Maju Singh and Dr. Urvarshi Rathod. The first prize was won by Prof. Poonam Channiwal while second prize was won by Ms. Divya Bhatia. Dr. Mita Mehta and Prof. Arti Chandani thanked all the participants and judges to make the event successful.




Womancipation :




SIMS organizes SPSS workshop every year (MDP) for the benefit of faculty and students .The workshop is being conducted since last four years in collaboration with IBM SPSS, Bangalore. At the end of the workshop the attendees receive certificates of participation from IBM SPSS.

The workshop is conducted twice a year during the months August and February.

A large number of corporates, research professionals, middle and junior management personnel approach us for conduct of certified modules for two to three days on Advanced Statistics. We are glad to inform you that we have an MoU with IBM SPSS for conduct of this certified module and have been conducting it regularly for the past four years where in the the resource person is a trained instructor from IBM SPSS. It has proved to be a major success, attracting a number of participants.

In the past, a large number of faculty, Researchers, Research scholars, Industry Personnel and students from all over India have received IBMSPSS certification as well as benefited from the workshop on -“Application of statistics in Research”

SIMS Date No of Participants Resource Person Name
IBM SPSS workshop 28th& 29th Jan 2011 50 Mr. Pratapa L
IBM SPSS workshop 2nd& 3rd Sept 2011 30 Mr. Pratapa L
IBM SPSS workshop 16th& 17th Feb 2012 Mr. Navin M. Kharade
IBM SPSS workshop 14th& 15th Sept 2012 35 Mr. Debdip Pal
IBM SPSS workshop 20th to 22ndFeb 2013 44 Mr Sameer Virani and Prof. Komal Chopra
IBM SPSS workshop 20th to 22nd August 2013 59 Mr. Sameer Virani and Prof. Komal Chopra
IBM SPSS workshop 23rd to 25th Feb 2014 60 Mr. Sameer Virani and Prof. Komal Chopra
IBM SPSS workshop 17th to 19th August 2014 37 Mr. Sameer Virani and Prof. Komal Chopra
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