Testimonial – MBA Program

Mr. Pushpendra Kaushal, 2013-15

“SIMS’s diversity, industry benchmarked courses and excellent faculty have prepared me with a strong academic foundation and invaluable practical knowledge which I can utilize to face any challenge head on”

Raghav Kochhar, 2013-15

“SIMS is not just a college, it’s a way of life. It’s an institute that not only provides academic excellence but also inculcates leadership qualities in the student managers and also helps in their overall development which is quintessential for helping them to excel in life.”

Shahnawaz Haque,2014-16

“SIMS has offered me opportunities and experiences one would be hard pressed to get at any other institute. Your growth, at SIMS, is only limited by your dreams and desires. It instils in you, qualities and talents to become a successful manager. SIMS completes you”

Shreya Chouvan,2014-16

“At the heart of existence at SIMS is the perpetual and honest striving to better oneself. It is an ideal that the institution upholds in its daily functioning,its vision and more crucially in its communication to those who are a part of it. Having been a SIMSite, one feels prepared to take on anything, anywhere in the world.The institute truly inspires through its egalitarianism and honest ambition.”

Sani Raj Singh,2014-16

My transition from a young technocrat to a business force to reckon with is attributed to the pedagogy and all-inclusive courseware at SIMS. I was bestowed with enormous support from the faculty and staff for my endeavours in the business arena. SIMS way of life exalts synergy and helps you leapfrog into the future of tremendous prospects. We thrive as a family and your time at SIMS becomes memories to be cherished for life

Samrat Kaushik, 2013-15

“The MBA Programme at SIMS offers students an opportunity to develop their leadership and general management skills through an exceptionally interactive,term based approach to learning.I found the Intensive programme to be very much personalised while affording me with valuable one-on-one relationships with the faculty.I thoroughly enjoyed the SIMS MBA experience and will cherish not only the knowledge I gained but also the friendships that I made”

Mr. Deepak Malik, Trade Analyst, Maersk Benelus

“We were the only batch (2001-2003), who ended up experiencing both facets of the institute i.e. operating out of the makeshift school premises and literally having to fetch for ourselves, to having our own fully fledged campus from 2002 onwards and it’s this transformation that truly speaks about SIMS and the way it has moved on in terms of infrastructure. The well rounded exposure that the student managers gather at SIMS, through our excellent faculty members, various seminars / symposiums that SIMS organises and also participates into, the Internship programme as well as the other co-curricular activities.Having been through all of these, ensured that starting out working post passing out didn’t really require a longer settling in period.Wish you all well in earnest for the placement preparations, Go well!”

SMITA RAJGOPAL : Creative Director, Smitten

“I started my career as a freelance creative writer and moved on to help set up a design firm in Bombay before moving on to set up my own firm Smitten. I actually realized it was what I wanted to do when I was at SIMS and was Editor and PR Council member both in junior year and senior year. I realized I wanted to opt out of placements and set out on a path of my own straight from campus. The fact that the brochure I helped conceptualize at SIMS went on to win at the India Brand Summit 2006 awards amidst keen competition from institutes like IIM Bangalore etc”

ARUNIMA SINGH DEO: Co-founder, babyoye.com

“I miss the professors and friends that I made in SIMS. Some professors like our marketing management one went on to become one of the closest friends I have later in life. The solid grounding and learning I got from SIMS is something I will carry on for life.I have been to 2 SIMS meets and really enjoyed the last one where I got the opportunity to meet our Director. It would be great if we had a more interactive community of ex-SIMSites where we should meet and exchange notes and ideas from each other. It would help as everyone is in such varied fields and would benefit from each others’ experiences.”

ANISH PHILIP: Director, People Function, Mindtree

“I started my career with Ernst & Young (EY) with the Management Consulting Division in Bangalore. Worked on assignments that involved benchmarking compensation & benefits, HR Due Diligence, Employee Satisfaction Study. After having worked with EY for one year, I moved to Mind-tree and have been here for the last 13 years. I still continue to enjoy my stint here. I miss my batch mates and the vada pav that we used to have in the evening. I enjoy the alumni meets.”

Rajesh Talathi – Programme Management

“Mr Rajesh Talathi came to share his experiences with John Deere. He spoke about how the company had to face difficulties due to the green colour of their tractors when they initially launched their product in the Indian market. He shared how the company did not change the colour of its product and how because of unique marketing strategies and quality of products John Deere made a name for itself in the Indian market.”

Ms Shahin Mistri (CEO, Teach For India) on ‘Deciding What To Do’

“Ms. Mistri spoke about the importance of being different and trusting one self. ‘It is important to have belief and not judge yourself’, she said. While delivering her talk to the student managers at SIMS, she narrated to them some of the key experiences in her life and how they shaped her outlook and way of viewing the world. “

Mr Cyrus Bharucha on ‘The Real World’

“Mr. Bharucha has been in the business for well over 40 years and has seen, recorded and reported on some of the greatest events in the 20th century. He has covered a wide array of topics, from interviewing Zulfikar Ali Bhutto on floods in Pakistan, to the Irish Republican Army issues. A director, producer, writer and novelist, his latest achievement was making a group of restless management students sit up in awe and pay attention on a Saturday morning. “