SIMS is the only accredited Centre for Corporate Governance of the National Foundation for Corporate Governance in Pune. The NFCG has been established by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and CII with support from ICAI and ICSI.The Centres singular focus is to enhance knowledge on important aspects of good Corporate Governance norms amongst the senior management and boards of companies through dissemination of appropriate programs in association with experienced persons practicing in the field.

SIMS has done the NFCG sponsored research project on “Corporate Governance Practices in to-be-listed SMEs in Pune Region” & it has been granted Rs. 1,00,000/- by the National Foundation for Corporate Governance to carry out this research.

The Research Paper will tried to come out with the following outcomes:

SIMS has received a grant of Rs. 3.30 lakh from NFCG for the year 2014-15.

S.No. Ref. No. Title Principal Investigator Co- Investigator Amount (INR)
1 SIU/SCRI/Minor Research Approval/2014/16/SIMS1/1489/20.3.2015

To Design an efficient financial management system and training module for sick/ inactive SHGs in Pune( PMC limits).

Dr BR Londhe Mr. Rahul Dhaigude, Mr. Venkatesh Iyengar 1,15,000/-
2 SIU/SCRI/Minor Research Approval/2014/17/SIMS3/1489/20.3.2015

To identify financial constraints impeding the growth of tourism in Mahabaleshwar and make recommendations for their removal.

Mr. Rahul Dhaigude Dr BR Londhe, Mr. Venkatesh Iyengar 1,25,000/-
3 SIU/SCRI/Minor Research Approval/2014/02/SIMS2/1489 dated 20.3.2015 Waste Management in hospitals of Pune Dr. Suruchi Pandey 70,000/-