As SIMS is celebrating it’s glorious silver jubilee year 2017-18, PGPM event cell offers a tribute by launching an all new initiative called SIMS.Live.25.

This initiative is of a talk series where student managers of SIMS are encouraged to deliver a talk on any topic.

While launching the series of talk, first talk was on a topic as “IoT (Internet of Things) – when things go online” and presented by Rohit Raut (PGPM-Marketing).

This event was held on Sept 14, 2017 at Chanakya.

The session had an Agenda as follows:

1. Why to Know about IoT

2. What is IoT

3. Applications of IoT

4. Future of IoT

5. Latest Technologies and Integration.

6. Build your own story.

7. Q&A

Student managers were immensely benefited after attending the talk and were encouraged to build their own story based on IoT concepts learned. The session was interactive as participants were radioactively participating while explaining their own stories of IoT.

SIMS.Live.25 is all set and super excited to hold future talks for making a difference to student managers of SIMS.