Program Structure       
The program structure is as follows
Duration: 1 Year Part time
Intake: 60 per class


PGDFM – Courses and Specializations

  • Standard of Passing:
    The assessment of the student for each examination is done, based on relative performance. Maximum Grade Point (GP) is 4.000 corresponding to A+. For all courses, a student is required to pass both internal and external examination separately with a minimum Grade Point of 2.000 corresponding to Grade D. Student securing less than 40% absolute marks in each head of passing will be declared FAIL. The University awards a degree to the student who has achieved a minimum CGPA of 2.000 out of maximum of 4.000 for the program.

    Award of Diploma:
    Program Structure Post Graduate Diploma in Financial management (PGDFM) will be awarded at the end of the academic year by taking into consideration the performance of both the semester examinations taken together.

    Appendix- A

    Semester I
    SIU Course code Course Code Title of Course Internal Marks External Marks Total Credits
    GM P 8 20471101 Contemporary Practices in Business 60 40 2
    FP4 20471102 Cost Accounting 60 40 2
    GM-P4 20471103 Business Communication 60 40 2
    FP11 20471104 Commercial Banking 60 40 2
    ECP038 20471105 Managerial  Economics 60 40 2
    FP34 20471106 Financial Management 60 40 2
    20471107 Project Study 150 3
    Total 510 240 15
    Semester II
    SIU Course code Course Code Title of Course Internal Marks External Marks Total Credits
    FP1 20471201 Financial  Accounting 60 40 2
    FP3 20471202 Financial Statement Analysis 60 40 2
    FP17 20471203 Financial Services 60 40 2
    FP37 20471204 Direct Taxation 60 40 2
    FP44 20471205 SAPM 60 40 2
    FP21 20471206 Insurance 60 40 2
    20471207 Project Study 150 __ 3
    Total 510 240 15

    Semester Internal Credits External Credits Total Credits Total Marks
    Semester I 03 12 15 750
    Semester II 04 11 15 750
    Total 07 23 30 1500

Reservation of seats
Seat structure is as follows
a. Open to all
b. Admissions to Defense Officers over and above the intake capacity

Eligibility Criteria
The requisite eligibility criteria for PGFBM at SIMS are as under
Bachelor’s degree with minimum of 50% marks from any recognized University

Admission Procedure
PGDFM Diploma Course admission procedure
Selection Procedure: Personal Interaction

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions[FAQ]..
Questions with their solution are as follows for more enquiry contact us..



  • Note: All the following FAQs were applicable for the admission process for the year 2016. They might change for the next year’s admission process! Please contact the Admissions department for any queries.

    Q1. Is SNAP mandatory for getting admission in SIMS?
    Q2. How is SNAP different from CAT or any other management aptitude test?
    Q3. How much weightage is given to SNAP score in final admission?
    Q4. Do I need to register & pay to individual institute even after registering & paying for SNAP?
    Q5. I am in the last semester of my Graduation, can I apply?
    Q6. Who can apply for SIMS?
    Q7. Is there a common process for all institutes or do we need to appear separately for every institute? What is GEPIWAT?
    Q8. What happens if I do not have all the required documents on the day of my GE-PIWAT process?
    Q9. Does filing of a discrepancy report effects my GE-PIWAT evaluation process?
    Q10. I have a document pending for submission how should I submit it?
    Q11. I applied under a specific category, but now I have realized that I am eligible only for the other category but not in my applied category, what should I do?
    Q12. How long does the GE-PIWAT process takes to get over?
    Q13. I am not satisfied with a particular aspect in which my GE-PIWAT process was conducted?
    Q14. I was asked to submit Appendix A/B in original at the time of verification, what should I do if I require it in future?

    Please write to us your queries relating to admission : or call 020-30213250

Evaluation & Assessment
The brief structure of evaluation and assessment is as follows:
CGPA Pattern, 60% internal, 40% external

Fees Sructure
Following is the fees structure for PGDFM
Fee: Academic fee – Rs. 50,000/-

No. of students admitted in institute
No. of students admitted in year
Students are admitted accordingly..


No. of students admitted

    MBA I 2016-2018 177 127 304
    MBA II 2015-2017 170 145 315
    PGPM 2015-2016 11 06 17

We will update soon.
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