Indianness of HR – Colosseum

The theme for COLOSSEUM this year was “INDIANNESS OF HR” .For the last couple of decades, India has largely been viewed as an outsourcing destination where organizations from several companies could reduce their cost base through transferring work to our country. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when entering the Indian market or doing business with India is definitely the cultural differences that would be undoubtedly encountered. Some of the issues that global HR managers have to deal with include Power distance – work place mannerism , group effort over individual effort – paradox of reward distribution, cultural variations – dress codes policy / meal policy/ no interference in personal life – detachment between personal and professional affairs etc. The Speakers for the Event were:

  • Madhavi Dahanukar (SVP,EXL Services)
  • Thomas Joseph (Corp. Sr. VP (HR), WNS)
  • Rahul Rathee (Manager, BASF)
  • Vijay Deshpande (Director (HR), Skoda Auto)
  • Vikas Shinde (Director (HR), Dhruva)
  • Lt. Col. Sunil Brijkrishnan- Moderator