FDP on , “Coffee with Experts” and “Research Proposal Presentation”

DATE : 28.02.15

CONDUCTED BY : Prof. Arti Chandani & Dr. Mita Mehta

NAME OF THE GUEST / SPEAKER : Dr. Maju Singh, Dr. Urvasrhi

THEME : FDP on , “Coffee with Experts” and “Research Proposal Presentation”

SIMS organised a unique FDP which provided the platform to the researchers to present and discuss and seek critical review from the experts in order to overall improve the quality of research. The experts were, Brig. (Retd.) Rajiv Divekar, Dr. B. R. Londhe, Dr. Asha Nagendra, Prof. Komal Chopra and Prof. M. Dhanunjay Kumar. There were 20 researchers who attended this FDP and were immensely benefitted from the expert advice.

14 participants presented their research proposal and they were judged on the quality of the research. The judges were Dr. Maju Singh and Dr. Urvarshi Rathod. The first prize was won by Prof. Poonam Channiwal while second prize was won by Ms. Divya Bhatia. Dr. Mita Mehta and Prof. Arti Chandani thanked all the participants and judges to make the event successful.