Building Self Confidence and Integration: the key to becoming an Effective Leader : 360 Degree lecture series

The 360 Degree Team of SIMS, organized a talk on ‘Building Self Confidence and Integration: The Key to become an Effective Leader’ which was given by Mr. Neville Lobo, VP, Corporate HR and L&T Leadership Director. He started off by going back to school and college days where teachers, parents and elders always advised us to study hard and perform well in academics, now when he looks back he realizes that the studious and the average scoring students are doing well in life but the backbenchers by which he meant who were not very good in academics are also doing extremely well today. Taking this point further, he explains that people who only had focus on academics are now restricted in terms of earnings. The corporate today requires a team player, an all-rounder and a person who carries himself well which is evident by the fact that we see this today in all the top people in various companies. The effectiveness of a leader depends on his attitude. The root of personality is the way in which a person develops his value and belief system and the way he looks at himself. Therefore, the most important aspect of a good personality is self-image, if it is negative it is because a person is negative from within and similarly for a positive self-image. It is important to understand value and love yourself which keeps growing your confidence. He concluded by giving the key traits of a leader which are a) How comfortable you are using power. b) Decision making ability. c) Initiative and Drive. d) How a person carries himself. e) Self Confidence. f) Integrated person: What you think, you feel, what you feel, you do. Hence, it is important to develop one’s personality.