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  • Theme :A Guest Talk-‘Story telling through photography’ by Udit Kulshrestha (SIMS Alumnus)
  • Date : 29th Nov 2016

Continuing the legacy of collaborating with the alumni to celebrate their excellence and achievements in diverse fields and in a bid to inspire the current batch of student managers, the SIMS Alumni Cell conducted an interactive guest session as a part of INGENIO 2016. The theme of the session was, ‘Story Building through Photography’.

It was moderated by Mr Udit Kulshreshtha, a renowned photographer, author and alumnus from the batch of 1998-2000. The session showcased myriads of stories captured vividly in still images, it inspired the budding entrepreneurs to follow their passion and live their dreams.


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  • Theme : National Alumni Meet
  • Date : 24th & 25th Sep 2016

National Alumni Meet 2016 was as colourful an affair as the buntings and umbrellas that hung from the MGH balconies. The first day ​ of the event saw the return of over a hundred alumni, geared up to engage with the current student managers, stroll through those old
haunts, and relive the memories they made here at SIMS.The day kicked off early, in spite of the football matches getting postponed due to the rains. However, the alumni and the current student managers played an invigorating round of football in the afternoon, while the other activities continued on campus. NAM's second edition of SIMS Affair witnessed an ever greater level of student-alumni interaction, with questions ranging from the topics of life, the universe, and everything else!

The panel consisted of Yayati Zende (Batch of 2006), Sharad Jagtiani, Pradyut Hande (Batch of 2015), and Atish Clifton (Batch of 2015), and was more than open to questions from student managers. A more sober atmosphere existed in the academic block, where four
finalists were fighting to the bone for the opportunity to pitch the perfect B-plan, and be mentored by one of the finest entrepreneurs SIMS has had the privilege of witnessing. The winner of Pitch Perfect was Vinay Shukla from the 2016-2018 batch, and will be mentored by the competition's gracious judge, Deepak Poduval, CEO at Tangible Experience (batch of 2005).

The evening culminated in a thrilling performance by Yayati Zende and Chetan Sindhwani Sir's band, Makeshift, which had captivated a niche, but dedicated audience. In contrast to the eventful, colourful first day, the second day of the Meet was relaxed and witnessed many a poignant moment in the 20+ strong batch of 1996. Amidst the loud, carefree laughter were a few tears in the memory of the days gone by, and promises to keep the connect.

As the Meet drew closer to its bittersweet end, it witnessed a bipolar weather, a crippling morcha, and the resilience of SIMS' alumni as they made the most of their weekend.


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  • Date : 17th & 18th October 2015

SIMS Alumni Cell conducted its flagship event – INCENDIUM, National Alumni Meet 2015 on 17th and 18th October 2015 which saw alumni from various cities reunite and relive the memories spent during their days in the SIMS campus. Various activities that were planned on Day 1 of the event such as sports, side events and cultural evening left the crowd enthralled and engaged at all times.
The aroma of the delicious food set up in various stalls filled the air was a delight for everybody on campus.

Day 2 was a formal lunch set by the poolside for the alumni to have a relaxing afternoon. Video presentation, cake cutting for the anniversary batches, photo booth was enjoyed by all the alumni. It was a day that brimmed with excitement, fun and frolic. It definitely transported all the wonderful alumni back into their college days, bringing them closer to their Alma Mater!


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  • Theme : THEME “Restructuring vis-a-vis Scale Up Of Organizations”
  • Date : 25th September 2015

Ingenio is a series of guest lectures conducted by the SIMS Alumni Cell for the student managers by illustrious corporates who are working in various fields across diverse organisations.

A guest lecture was organised on 25th September 2015 at 9:30 am for the student managers of batch 2015-17. The guest speaker invited to deliver the lecture was Mr. Manoj Sahasrabudhe, COO, IBA Group SA.

With a rich experience in P&L Management, Strategic planning & operational excellence, Deal structuring & negotiation and leading global, multi-cultural teams, Sir enlightened the students about the importance of Change Management and restructuring theories.

The key insights provided during the lecture were not only educational but also significant to the student managers at SIMS. It provided a holistic overview of the key strategies that are implemented in every organisation in order to grow and be updated with the latest developments.


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  • Theme : Bangalore Alumni Meet 2015
  • Date : 12th July 2015 CONDUCTED
  • Conducted by: Alumni Cell

  • SIMS has a long and proud tradition of maintaining ties with its alumni and keeping them connected with their alma mater. SIMS Alumni Cell held its first Alumni Meet this year in Bengaluru on 12th July 2015.

    The Bengaluru Alumni Meet saw an impressive turnout with alumni pouring in from all over India and participating enthusiastically in various new initiatives launched by the Alumni Cell this year. The Director – Brig. Rajiv Divekar, Placement Cell Faculty Incharge – Renuu Kulkarni and Alumni Cell Faculty Incharge – Dr. Ravinder Kaur, also graced the event.

    During the meet, several videos were presented showcasing the college and its students over the years. The day commemorated the 10th, 15th and 20th anniversaries of the 1995, 2000 and 2005 batch. A delectable banquet was laid out to keep the taste buds satisfied. The afternoon was driven not only by reminiscing and nostalgia but also by the exchange of meaningful ideas and suggestions by our alumni who continue to take an interest in SIMS and its students.


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  • Theme : Importance of Body Language in Corporate Sector
  • Date : 25th July 2015
  • Conducted by: Alumni Cell

  • Any educational institute measures its success by that of its alumni. Our alumni are our ambassadors to the corporate world, and continue to uphold the SIMS name in their respective fields of work. They have achieved eminence and distinction in their respective fields, and connect with the institute to share their enriching experiences with the current student managers.

    Each year, a series of Guest Lectures are conducted under the umbrella called INGENIO, which are delivered by our illustrious alumni. SIMS Alumni Cell invited Aditi Mudholkar – Deputy Manager – Corporate HR, Aircel Ltd., an alumnus from the 2007-09 batch to
    highlight the importance of body language in a corporate environment. The key insights provided during the lecture were not only educational but also significant to the student managers at SIMS as it provided a holistic overview of the importance of business
    etiquettes, which is imperative for growth of the individual within an organisation.


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  • Date : 26 & 27 SEP 2014
  • Conducted by: Alumni Cell
  • The National Alumni Meet is a two-day long alumni meet that is conducted every year in Pune. Scheduled during the last week of September, it gives the alumni,from across the batches, a chance to come back to their alma mater to interact with the current batches, connect and network with other alumni and reminisce the time they spent whilst at SIMS. The first day consists of a cultural and sports programme where the alumni engage with the students from the current batches and the second day consists of an informal lunch, which enables the alumni to engage with alumni from other batches and the faculty of SIMS.



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    • Theme : INGENIO 2015
    • Date : YEARLY
    • Conducted by: SIMS ALUMNI CELL
Inegnio is a series of guest lectures that are conducted by the SIMS Alumni Cell for the current batches at SIMS. Alumni working with marquee companies are invited as speakers to impart their knowledge to the student managers on the various facets of corporate life and domain expertise.

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    • Date : YEARLY
    • Conducted by: SIMS ALUMNI CELL
The SIMS Alumni Cell conducts regional meets in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad. The meets give the alumni in various cities to interact and reconnect with their batches and other alumni across diverse organizations. It additionally even gives them the opportunity to assist the college in placements and network professionally for personal development.
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    All aspirants / parents are hereby notified that some individuals / organisations are giving / making false and misleading advertisements / claims in newspapers, websites, social media platforms that they can ensure admission to Symbiosis International University and also charging heavy amount for the same.

    In this regard, SIU requests the aspirants / parents to refrain from entering into any transaction with such elements. SIU has not appointed any individual / agency / organisation to make such assurance on its behalf. It is a matter of Policy that SIU does not charge capitation fee for admission from students and this is widely and prominently published as well on all the relevant places like prospectus, website, SNAP Booklet, SET Booklet etc.

    Despite this Notice, if any aspirant / parents still proceeds with or enters into transaction with such elements, they would be doing so at their own risk and cost. SIU further notifies that any aspirant attempting to approach SIU for admission through or at the instances of such agents will be permanently debarred from admission to all the courses and programmes at Symbiosis International University.