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I am or doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion about the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. – Benjamin Franklin We do not save lives. We do not make someone’s life better. We do not even provide food, shelter or education to the underprivileged. All we do is share some happy moments with them, make one day brighter or a kid, try to aid them and try to show them the right direction. Pranay is an attempt, an attempt to do some good, an attempt to be the humans that we were meant to be. PRANAY is a first of its kind social initiative to be launched by a B-School. We organise Go Green drives, walks to promote awareness about Cancer, Blood donation and Medical check-up camps and many more such events.We also work closely with NGOs like Maher, QMTI, Connecting, Yoddhas, Akanksha to name a few. This not only is a constant reminder of the adversities that one can face in life it also instils in us the strength to sail through tough times.


Clothes Donation Drive
Maher Visit
Drug awareness crusade
Blood donation camp
Independence Day celebrations
Eye donation awareness program
The ThermaxLIFT project
Donation drive during Alumni meet
Christmas Celebration
Makar Sankrati Celebration
Medical Camp
Blood donation camp
Maher Visit

Pranay collaborates with different NGOs like Pragati Leadership Foundation, Maher, Akanksha, Saraswati Anath Ashram, Global Communiies, Tara Mobile Creche, Doorstep, etc to educate and teach children and to inculcate good habits in them. It collaborates with Connecting to counsel people contemplating suicide. It helps United Sisters’ Foundation, an NGO run by Milind Soman to get support for Pinkathon, a multicity, multi format run for women to encourage their fitness and to promote awareness on breast cancer. It also actively supports Yoddhas to encourage awareness about bone marrow cancer and to encourage donors for bone marrow.

International Day of People with Disability
Eye donation conducted by Rotary Club
  • Pranay worked with Cognizant on its ‘Be Teacher Program and taught underprivileged children every week.
  • Pranay tied up with Infosys for its program with Doorstep to teach children and to assess their learning ability and to identify the deserving children for sponsorship
  • Pranay worked on Thermax’s Lift Program. The project mainly aims to cultivate teacher leaders who share a set of core values that includes a commitment to social justice, an understanding of the strengths and the needs of a diverse student population, and a dedication to equity and excellence for all students. LIFT seeks to prepare and support teacher leaders working with diverse learners to develop in all their students, the academic skills and strength of character needed to succeed in life. To contribute their part to the society and make an attempt to change the education system of India 12 out of many aspirants from SIMS have been selected. They worked hard for 10 long days assessing the reading and writing ability of the students. This in turn will help to train the teachers to become leaders who can give maximum to propel these children to pass their exams with distinction