Sustainability Club

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Sustainability is the process of using resources in the present while taking into consideration the future generation’s requirements. In this age of consumerism, where little thought is given to what we buy and what we use, there is a need to practice more environmentally conscious ways and methods. SIMS, Pune has come up with its own ‘Green Club’- The Sustainability Club to roll out initiatives to make the campus more eco-friendly. With the club, the institute plans to take measures to address issues related to energy and water conservation, waste management etc.

The vision of the club is: To inculcate the sense of sustainable development among the student managers by creating an atmosphere of awareness about energy conservation at SIMS.

The missions of the club are:

*Ensuring a Standard Operating Procedure for the college.

*To make student managers ready for the role of energy managers and energy auditors.

*To make the student managers realise the importance of energy conservation in various fields through energy conservation

*To carry out Social initiatives which would help in reducing the carbon footprint and will create awareness in the day-to-day procedures.

Finally, it is all about sharing and discussing ideas intended to reduce consumption of resources which can be achieved by their efficient use.

A finite plan cannot support Infinite consumption….. So Reduce, Reuse & Recycle…