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• The marketing club of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies Pune.
• SMark encourages people to enrich their Marketing knowledge. It provides a platform to showcase marketing talent from people all over the country. It conducts competitions and seminars about latest marketing topics to bring about awareness to create interest in Marketing. It also releases monthly editions of Mark-o-share and SMark video blogs.
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Events Detail
    • Date :September 25, 2017
    • Conducted by : Smark
    • NAME OF THE GUEST :Dr. Nirmalya Kumar, Lee Kong Chian Professor of Marketing, Singapore Management University, Singapore


Festival of Thought Leaders was organized under the Business Leader Series. Dr. Nirmalya Kumar, Lee Kong Chian Professor of Marketing, Singapore Management University, Singapore was the reverent speaker on this occasion. The theme of the talk was, “Living a Boardroom Battle at Tata”.

Dr. Nirmalya Kumar began his talk by saying that business group are ubiquitous in India. He categorized businesses in three major types-Business Groups, Private Equity and Conglomerates. He briefed the audience about the Tata Group. He said that 70 percent revenue of Tata Group comes from outside India. He added that Tata Group’s Market Capital is $120 billion.He further added that Tata Group has 6 lakh 50 thousand plus employees. He elaborated very beautifully that in business groups there are win-win synergies; in Private Equity, there are no synergies whereas in Conglomerates there is win-lose synergy.

He discussed the structure of the Tata group. At the top is the Tata Trust, below that layer is Tata Sons’ Management. Below Tata Son’s Management is Tata Operating Companies. He posed a question to the audience that who is the actual owner Tata Sons or Tata Trust? He said that he did not observe a clear demarcation between the two in Tata’s case. Hence, he suggested, that the issue of corporate governance becomes important. He posed a counter-intuitive question that Cyrus Mistry took the Tata group from $ 96 billion in 2013 to $120 billion in 2016 yet why was he told to go.

The session ended with a plethora of questions from students to which the guest-speaker answered.

    • Retail: Opportunities and Challenges
    • Date : 9th Sep, 2016
    • Conducted by : Smark
    • NAME OF THE GUEST : Mr. Rajendra Kalkar, Mr. Damodar Mall, Mr. Varun Vummidi, Mr. Tushar Mehta, Mr. Amit Daga and Mr. Sunil Dhingra

  • 4Thought 2016
    The subject of discussion was on the challenges and opportunities in the field of retail.
    SMark organized its Corporate Conclave 4Thought on the 9th of September 2016. Guest speakers from Retail Industry enlightened the students about the present scenario of retail in the country, consumer behaviour and loyalty schemes, upcoming trends, and e – commerce versus brick and mortar retailing. The event concluded with a panel discussion which was anchored by Dr. Komal Chopra. The questions asked by Sir to the speakers did unearthed many secrets from the field of retail. The audience was also involved as many questions to the panelists came from the student managers who got an excellent opportunity to get their queries answered from the top honchos of the retail world.



Events Detail

  • A comparative study between the US and the RUSSIAN markets
  • Date : 7 Jan, 2015
  • Conducted by : Smark
  • NAME OF THE GUEST : Dr Angelica Bahl
  • Theme : A comparative study between the US and the RUSSIAN marketsDr.AngelicaBhal, a PhD in marketing, gave the students a feel of the international marketing strategies.Students understood how marketing strategies need to be altered to suit the culture of the country.Students saw some international ads and had lively discussions on how these could be altered to suit Indian psyche.



Events Detail

  • Brand Premium
  • Date : 15 Nov, 2015
  • Conducted by : Smark
  • NAME OF THE GUEST : Mayank Agarwal
  • Theme : Brand Premium
  • A talk on brands by Mayank Agarwal had the marketing students paying full attention. How do Brand strategies,image,personality affect brand ranking were also discussed.Along with this,digitalmarketing,Socialmedia marketing were also talked about.



Events Detail

    • Nilkamal – success strategies
    • Date : 19 Sept, 2014
    • Conducted by : Smark
    • NAME OF THE GUEST : Vinod Warrior
    • Theme : Nilkamal – success strategies

On 9th September 2014, Mr Vinod Warrier VP, Sales and Marketing, Nilkamal graced the stage and shared the Success Strategy of Nilkamal. It was a very enlightening session where he shared with us how Nilkamal from being perceived as a simple plastic chair maker transformed their product portfolio. How they adapted to changing demands of the clients and made superior products with mind blowing designs.