Dr. Amit Agrawal

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Dr Amit Kumar Agrawal holds a Doctorate Degree in Marketing from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Uttarakhand and MBA in Marketing from Madan Mohan Malviya Engineering College. His work experience comprises of mix blend of industry and academics. His area of interest lies in consumer co-creation, consumer value, Self Service Technologies, and marketing. His work has been published in various international journals and conferences. He has attended more than 10 international and national conferences in India and abroad in the last five years. His PhD thesis focused on modelling and measuring of consumers co-created value in e-services. He is also reviewer to some of the prestigious marketing journals such as: Journal of Service Management, Journal of Services Marketing, Computer Behaviour in Humans, Journal of Strategy and Management.

1. Agrawal, A.K., Nagendra, A., Divekar, R., Bohiyar, P.K. (2018), “An Empirical Examination of Customer Experience Co-creation model in Banking Self Service Technologies (SSTs)”, International Journal of Business Information System {Inderscience} (Article in Press).

2. Agrawal, A. K. and Rahman, Z. (2015), “Roles and Resource Contributions of Customers in Value Co-creation”, International Strategic Management Review, 3(1-2), 144-160 {Sciencedirect}.

3. Agrawal, A. K., Kaushik, A. K. and Rahman, Z. (2015), “Co-creation of Social Value through Integration of Stakeholders”, Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 189, 442-448.

4. Agrawal, A.K., Kumar, D. and Rahman Z. (2017), “An ISM approach for modelling the enablers of sustainability in market-oriented firms”, International Journal of Business Excellence {Inderscience} (Article in Press).

5. Kaushik, A. K., Agrawal, A. K. and Rahman Z. (2015), “Tourist behavior towards self- service hotel technology adoption: Trust and subjective norm as key antecedents”, Tourism Management Perspectives, 16, 278-289{Science Direct}

Case Studies

1. Agrawal, A. K. and Pawar, S. (2016), “Case Study: Netflix in India: Will it be a smooth run”, The Case Centre

Working Papers

1. Patient internet usage and its effect on their experiences during encounter with physician

2. An examination of the predictors of sustainable consumption behavior of young tourist visiting Uttarakhand region

> Taught Entrepreneurship to MBA IV Semester and Services Marketing to PGPM Final Semester in Year 2016-17.

> Faculty in charge of TED Talk at SIMS titled on theme ‘Pioneering ingenuity’.

> Dissertation and CSR mentor for MBA II and IV Semester students.

> Paper presented in doctoral consortium at SJMSOM IIT Bombay with 33 select participant in January 2017.

> Member of Marketing Sub committee for course catalogue rationalization for year 2017-18 at SIU Pune.

> Undertaken an interdisciplinary collaborative research on internet usage of patients with SIHS Pune.