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The HR department of SIMS is the people tree which has deep engraved roots in the form of concepts of HR. They have the ability to sprout new branches; grow up to reach the skies as and when required and possible. They are flexible enough to withstand any kind of weather conditions no matter how strong is the storm. Lastly every manager of this tree is like a seed which has the ability to turn itself into a full grown people tree and make the corporate forest more beautiful. And this is why the HR Club of SIMS, our club of highly competitive Human Resource managers can be called nothing else but THE PEOPLE TREE. This club aims at providing a platform to the student managers for putting on their thinking caps and actually putting to practice the theory learnt. In this light, student managers have organized events like HR quizzes, case study, focus group discussions, documentary screenings and the likes.

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Events Detail-Colosseum

    • Date :16 Aug 2017
    • Theme : VUCA – Redefining the HR world
    • Guest’s/Speakers :Dr.Sajeev Kumar Nair, PhD, Sunit Mehra, Samriti Malhotra, Vinod Bidwaik &Amit Nagpal(Moderator)

The People Tree, HR Club of SIMS had organized Colosseum 2017 – a Panel Discussion on 16th September, 2017. The topic for the discussion was – “VUCA – Redefining the HR world”. The speakers in the panel comprised of eminent HR Corporate professionals from diverse industries to give the student managers a quick peek into how VUCA is impacting the business world. This event was organized to provide the student managers an opportunity to take a look at the real life corporate issues from a professional’s point of view. Student managers from MBA batch 2016-18(HR Managers), MBA Batch 2017-19 and the PGPM batch were invited.


Events Detail-Curtain raiser

    • Date :18 Aug 2017
    • Theme : VUCA – Redefining the HR world
    • Guest’s/Speakers :Ms. Preeti Chaudhary
      Ms. Tusharika Chakravarty
      Ms. Mayuri Kulkarni

The People Tree, HR Club of SIMS had organized Curtain Raiser 2017 – a Debate competition on 19th August, 2017. The topic for the debate was – “Is Employee the new Customer?”. This event is organized to provide the student managers an opportunity to take a look at the real life corporate issues from a professional’s point of view. Student managers from MBA 2016-18, 2017-19 and the PGPM batches were invited to take participate in teams of two. The competition had two rounds.

Total Teams – 12

Teams in Final Round – 6

Winners – Naman Jha and Mrinal Malviya from SIMS 2016-18 MBA Batch

Best Speaker (for the motion) – Sagarika Datta (MBA 2017 – 19)

Best Speaker (against the position) – Juhi Sharma (MBA 2017-19)


Events Detail

    • Date :6 Sep 2017
    • Theme : Cultures of India
    • Guest’s/Speakers : Mr Dhirendra Deshpande, Mr. Bhupendra Rathode, Ms. Rashi Anand, and Ms. Garima Sangwan

The Teachers’ Day celebrations was conducted on 6th Sep 2017. The program was organized in 2 parts – the forenoon session commenced at 10 AM. It included lighting of the auspicious lamp, along with a note on Motivation by our guest lecture by Mr. Dhirender Deshpande which was followed by the Coffee Table Book launch. Post lunch session was joined by SIMS Alumni – Sujit Jain. It began with the felicitation of all the faculties and staff followed by an informal cultural program which commenced at 2:30 PM and got over at 5 PM. The event closed with refreshments for the guests, faculties and staff.

Events Detail
    • Date : 30th November 2016
    • Guest’s/Speakers : Mr. Mohit Gundecha, the CEO of JOMBAY delivering the lecture

The National HRD Network is the National Apex body of professionals committed to
promoting the HRD movement in the country and enhancing the capability of human
resource professionals to compete globally and thereby creating value for society.
HR Club-The People’s Tree under the guidance of Dr. Suruchi Pandey organized NHRD
Pune chapter in SIMS.

Mr. Mohit Gundecha, the CEO of JOMBAY delivered a lecture on ‘Customer Centric HR
Organizations’. This enriching session proved to be a value addition for the students. Ms.
Riya Arora, the president of NHRD Pune Chapter interacted with students and helped them
clear their queries.

Mr. Aman Rajabali gave vote of thanks to the speaker, appreciated the hosts and thanked
students for their extended cooperation.

Events Detail

    • Date : 9th September 2016
    • Theme : HR 20-20
    • Guest’s/Speakers : Ms. Smita Nair Jain, Mr. Mayank Patel, Ms. Pradnya Bora, Mr. Tariq Ahmad, Mr. Kunjal Kamdar

The event witnessed some dynamic HRs of various companies who gave us insights on the
topic ‘HR 2020’. The following was concluded in the event.

  • 1. Importance of Gender Agnosticism, productivity and efficiency should be the criteria
  • 2. Women representation is important for inputs in product development stage.
  • 3. HR must find out – “Where do we come in the candidate’s lifecycle?” This helps in
    underlying notions and perceptions of the employee and hence help in further
    capability building.
  • 4. Mergers and Acquisitions: Communication to employees and transparency of
    process is vital in maintaining the peace.


Events Detail

    • Date : 9/09/2015
    • Theme : CASINO
Since the event was specifically for Teachers. Sur performed classical songs and songs which
will connect most with the teachers. The 30 minutes of performance consisted of 7 songs, performed by both seniors and the juniors. Teachers were extremely happy with Sur’s performance and the Director complimented Sur, Aks and Vibes for making it the best
teacher’s day in the last 6 years.

Events Detail

    • Colosseum Curtain Raiser – A debate competition
    • Date : 13th August 2015 CONDUCTED
    • Conducted by : HR club – The People Tree
    • Name of Geust : Mr Aman Rajbali & Mr Ankur Berry
    • Theme : Social Media – A Threat to the Organisation’s Climate
The Colosseum Curtain Raiser – A debate competitionconcluded ritually marking the beginning of the Flagship Event of The People Tree- HR Club “ Colosseum 2015”. The guests for the day, shared their views on the topic which gave the student managers an insight of the HR field. The Debate Competition proved to be fruitful for both the participants and the audience. Three of the six participating team we declared as winners of the competition.


Events Detail

    • Technology Driven Learning Eco-systems
    • Date : 18th February,2015
    • Conducted by : HR club – The People Tree
    • Name of Geust : Mr. Amit Nagpal, Head Training-BPO,Infosys BPO ltd
    • Theme : Technology Driven Learning Eco-systems
In this session, students have explored the fundamental shift from training to learning. They have learnt about the new role of the classroom, and more importantly the expanded role for the trainer who facilitates it. This lecture made them understand that a learning ecosystem is not an event-based model; but it is a dynamic, ever-changing environment where learning and performance happen in the workflow rather than just in a classroom. Organizations and individual trainers that have used classroom-based training as the primary source of learning and performance must adapt to the new model of Learning Management System.They must now have gained clarity of thought on the role of HR and should have understood that the innovation springs from the minds of creative individuals working in an environment that spawns and encourages innovation



Events Detail

    • Technology Driven Learning Eco-systems
    • Date : 20th February,2015
    • Conducted by : HR club – The People Tree
    • Name of Geust : Mr. Rajesh Mishra, MD , Vulkan Technologies
    • Theme : Kaleidoscope – A case study competition
KALEIDOSCOPE is an Annual Inter College General Management fest organised every year by The People Tree – HR Club of SIMS. The event includes management games and case study for students. The management games in Kaleidoscope tests your managerial skills and analytical ability through a rigorous set of activities. In short all it requires is COMMON SENSE!! The club aims to be an exciting forum for displaying students’ prowess in handling HR issues and also to help them get a strong hold over the function. Kaleidoscope is one of the platforms to kindle the students’ interests and to give them an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and learning in practice. We had students participating from all over India in Kaleidoscope -2015. Over 65 institutes had registered for the event, out of which 6 teams were shortlisted for the final round.