Prof. Venkatesh Iyengar

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He is a full time research scholar under the Faculty of Management (Supply Chain/Operations), Symbiosis International University. He has been awarded Junior Research Fellowship by the university and is presently attached to SIMS for research studies. He is also a Co-investigator for two minor research projects granted by SIU recently. He was recruited into the Indian Air Force in 1987 as an Air Warrior and served for 16 years in Administrative and Operational duties. During his tenure, he served in Signals unit, flying squadron, missile unit and post serving Operation Vijay (Kargil operations) was posted to Air Force Station, Pune prior to voluntary discharge from service under higher educational grounds. He holds degrees in M.Com, PGD in Business Management (First Class), M.B.S in Marketing Management (First Class with Distinction) under University of Pune and has cleared the U.G.C (NET) in Management. He has another 12 years of professional work experience with manufacturing industry as well as education institutions in Pune post retirement from the defence services.
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S.No. Ref. No. Title Principal Investigator Co- Investigator Amount (INR)
1 SIU/SCRI/Minor Research Approval/2014/16/SIMS1/1489/20.3.2015 To Design an efficient financial managemnet system and training module for sick/ inactive SHGs in Pune( PMC limits). Dr BR Londhe Mr. Rahul Dhaigude, Mr. Venkatesh Iyengar 1,15,000/-
2 SIU/SCRI/Minor Research Approval/2014/17/SIMS3/1489/20.3.2015 To identify financial constraints impeding the growth of tourism in Mahabaleshwar and make recommendations for their removal. Mr. Rahul Dhaigude Dr BR Londhe, Mr. Venkatesh Iyengar 1,25,000/-