Note: All the following FAQs were applicable for the admission process for the year 2016. They might change for the next year’s admission process! Please contact the Admissions department for any queries.

Q1. Is SNAP mandatory for getting admission in SIMS?
Q2. How is SNAP different from CAT or any other management aptitude test?
Q3. How much weightage is given to SNAP score in final admission?
Q4. Do I need to register & pay to individual institute even after registering & paying for SNAP?
Q5. I am in the last semester of my Graduation, can I apply?
Q6. Who can apply for SIMS?
Q7. Is there a common process for all institutes or do we need to appear separately for every institute? What is GEPIWAT?
Q8. What happens if I do not have all the required documents on the day of my GE-PIWAT process?
Q9. Does filing of a discrepancy report effects my GE-PIWAT evaluation process?
Q10. I have a document pending for submission how should I submit it?
Q11. I applied under a specific category, but now I have realized that I am eligible only for the other category but not in my applied category, what should I do?
Q12. How long does the GE-PIWAT process takes to get over?
Q13. I am not satisfied with a particular aspect in which my GE-PIWAT process was conducted?
Q14. I was asked to submit Appendix A/B in original at the time of verification, what should I do if I require it in future?

Please write to us your queries relating to admission : admission@sims.edu or call 020-30213250