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Editorial and Media Relations cell is the voice of SIMS. It provides the institute with corporate and media exposure, bringing the students to the forefront of the latest happenings in the business world. It manages the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube which help connect SIMS with the corporate world. It conceptualizes, creates and reviews the in-house newsletter ‘SIMSExpress’.

Events Detail

    • Theme : WORKSHOP
    • Date : 21 Jan 2017
    • NAME OF THE GUEST :Milind Rajore

Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) workshop was conducted by the Editorial and the Media Relations Cell of SIMS on 21 st January 2017. It was successfully delivered by Mr. Milind Rajore, a renowned Graphologist along with his team of associates. He has been practicing this wonderful science for more than two decades.

A person’s handwriting is as unique as their personality, which makes it tempting to connect the two. Mr. Rajore explained the students the nuances of the science. He addressed a gathering of 150 eager students and faculty alike who were spellbound by the facts he put before them. This is because handwriting is the pattern of our psychology expressed in symbols on the page and these symbols are as unique as our own DNA which was beautifully expressed by Mr. Rajore in the workshop. The students managed to learn the basics of the science as to how your handwriting can be used to judge a personality of an individual and it may be used in management studies and in every aspect of business to its fullest extent.


Events Detail

    • Theme : What’s your Life Lesson?
    • Date : 23 Sep 2015
    • NAME OF THE GUEST :Deepak Ramola

It is not often that you can manage to engage a very young, restless audience of 20-somethings for over 90 minutes. But the MBA batch of 2015-17 was fortunate to be part of an interactive and riveting session, the first guest lecture organized by the Editorial and Media Relations Cell where TED speaker, United Nations Young Changemaker speaker and the pioneer behind a wonderful initiative Project Fuel, Deepak Ramola shared various anecdotes from his life and his teaching journey with much enthusiasm. He spoke about his foray into this sphere and more so about his passion – meeting different people and sharing their life lessons. He recalled fondly how travelling across various parts of the world, he met people cutting across the barriers of age, race, gender, religious or ethnic diversity who shared their experiences with him and he gained some valuable learnings which he now imparts through poetry, theatre, performance art or any other creative form in his workshops.