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The Entrepreneurship Cell at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies was incorporated to help and nurture ideas from people who dare to take risks, who wish to live their passion, who wish to create something. The E-Cell is dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students. We function as a guide for people with creative ideas by conducting a myriad of events and activities throughout the year. We do so by:

* Hosting workshops, speaker sessions and organizing innovative games and awareness camps

* Conducting B-plan competitions

* Enabling easy and effective interaction between students and successful entrepreneurs

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Events Detail

    • Date : 08/08/2017
    • Speakers :Mr. Predeep Gungre and Mr. Siddharth
    • Event : Market Beat

Entrepreneur cell provides the students a platform that encourages them to go ahead with their ideas and motivates them to become an entrepreneur. Market beat is an event where the students are provided with an opportunity where they can present their ideas and run their venture for a year in the campus.
The day was graced by the presence of an alumni of 2007-08 Mr. Predeep Gungre and Mr. Siddharth owner of Saauted Stories. Being the silver jubilee year, we saw tremendous amount of sales of Rs. 93000 with 24 participants who created an aura of celebration.


Events Detail

    • Date : 18th & 19th Feb 2016
    • Event : Essentials of a B-Plan and what an angel investors looks in a B-Plan
Entrepreneurship Cell, SIMS organised the first ever two day workshop on entrepreneurship where the theme of the event was “essentials of a B-Plan and what an angel investors looks in a B-Plan”. It was conducted in association with Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh,CEO and an angel investor at ShimBi Labs Pune. The workshop saw a voluntary participation of 48 future entrepreneurs. The two day event included a B-Plan competition where 9 teams presented and Ms.Khusboo Kumari (Batch 2015-17) won a cash prize of INR 5000. Mr Deshmukh also invited teams to send him there B-Plans for any guidance or help of any kind in future.


Events Detail

    • Date : 12-08-2015
    • Event : Myth Busters- Clarifying Illusions about Entrepreneurship
‘Illuminati’- the entrepreneurial conference wherein a panel discussion took place amongst the alumni of SIMS, who are now entrepreneurs. The audience took valuable insight from the experiences of the budding entrepreneurs. There was special attention given to the launch of the Coffee Table Book during the event. The Coffee Table Book is primarily a collection of interviews the nineteen entrepreneurs of SIMS. The occasion took place in the presence of the director Brig. Rajiv Divekar and the Entrepreneurship Cell Faculty-In-Charge Dr. Pravin Kumar. With real life examples of their struggle towards setting up new ventures, the alumni answered queries regarding the thoughts that go into a business plan, the inspiration behind a startup, the extraordinary moments of success and the apprehensions of failure.


Events Detail

    • Date : 12-08-2015
CREATIVA was the winner of last year’s marketbeat event. Considering the benefit of the venture to the student mangers and to give the business simulation idea to the new batch under the guidance of the senior batch and E-cell, E-cell decided to auction the venture and continue the same for the years to come. Five teams registered for the auction. A valuation of the business was done and explained to the bidders. The base price of the auction was INR 53000. After a series of bids Mohit Kheskani, Guarav Biashya and Celia Yadav won the auction with highest bid of INR 70000.


Events Detail

    • Speakers : Mr. Aman Garg and Mr. Rohan Chhazed (Zoomcar)
    • Date : 24 July 2015
    • Event : Guest Lecture
This guest lecture was focused on Entrepreneurship and encourage people to take initiatives in future.In this lecture, lecturers shared their experience with Zoomcar and how they are targeting the market.In this lecture there was small task given to the student managers, in which they came up with great solutions and also the winners were announced who won Zoomcar’s coupons. This session was more interactive and inspiring to the student managers.


Events Detail

    • Theme : Alumni Meet
    • Date : September
    • Event : Executive MBA Alumni Meet
E-Cell along with Dr. Pravin Kumar (faculty in charge of E-Cell) welcome Alumni of various batches of the Executive MBA program. During this program, the alumni are engaged in a number of fun games and activities.


Events Detail

    • Date : February
    • Events : TYCOON
National level B-Plan competition conducted by E-Cell at SIMS annually. Teams are shortlisted on the basis of the videos of the B-Plan they send. The shortlisted teams then present an extensive business plan / model through which they showcase how the idea can be implemented in the real world.


Events Detail

    • Theme : Market Beat
    • Conducted by: On Campus Endeavours

‘Most people think it’s all about the idea. It is definitely not just the idea. The imperative part is to execute the idea.’ Building on this very thought E-Cell organizes the Market Beat competition every year. It is a competition wherein ten budding entrepreneurs of SIMS are given the platform to showcase their business ideas. The best out of the lot are selected on the basis of the following criteria –

*Online voting by the Student Managers

*Respective B-plan presentation and learning from the simulation

*The judge’s verdict on the viability and sustainability of the idea

Post the selection process, the winners are given the incredible opportunity to run their respective ventures for a year on campus and further dwell on their skills of running and managing a venture. Market beat is again organized during the National Alumni meet held in the month of September every year. The winner of this competition is given a stall to run during the SIMS cultural fest, Orion.


Events Detail

    • Event : Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp
    • Theme : Challenges of a Start Up

EAC is conducted over a 3 day period and is attended by the entire Marketing, Operations and the Human Resource batch of SIMS. In total, 10 sessions are held regarding the challenges that an Entrepreneurial initiative might face in its nascent stage and what measures can be taken to counter them. Certain fun games along with problem solving activities are conducted for the student managers.

Last year, E-Cell received a grant of Rs. 2 lakhs by the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India for the same.


Events Detail

    • Event : Pitch Perfect
    • Theme : B-plan Conceptualization and Execution

If you have the vision, determination and initiative, if you are an entrepreneur willing to turn your business dream into reality, Pitch Perfect is the apt platform for you. An initiative of the E-Cell in collaboration with the Alumni Cell, it is a B-plan competition where participants get a chance to pitch their ideas to the SIMS Alumni. If convinced, the Alumni may sponsor the best B-plans in terms of seed capital.


Events Detail

    • Event : The Innovator’s Eye – Article Writing Competition
    • Theme : Collaborating Thoughts

It is a National level article writing competition. Students from colleges like IIMs, TAPMI, and JBIMS participate in the event. A theme is selected for each month and the selected articles are published in the newsletter.


Events Detail

    • Event : Barcode
    • Theme : Business Case Study- Urban Household waste management

E-Cell in collaboration with the Events Cell organizes and conducts the final round of Barcode, which is the annual flagship business competition of SIMS. As part of this, the participants are asked to present a business plan pertaining to the pertinent issues faced by the city. It is conducted for a period of 36 hours, during which, timely twists and turns are introduced to check the acumen and presence of mind of the participants.


Events Detail

    • Event : Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive – Pune Chapter
    • Theme : Opportunities for Budding Entrepreneurs

E-Cell SIMS, in association with IIT Kharagpur, organizes the event every year. The main purpose of the event is to give an insight about the multitude of opportunities available for budding entrepreneurs. Eminent speakers are invited to address the audience and share their expertise in their respective fields.