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Dr. Suruchi Pandey Presently a faculty for Human Resource Management at Symbiosis Institute of Management, Pune, India. Prof Suruchi has done Ph.D in Management and has a Master’s degree in commerce as well as Personnel Management . She is Gold Medalist of Pune University MPM programme. Recently she pursued Masters Diploma in Higher Education and Andragogy (MDHEA) from SIU and scored first rank. She is completed diploma in training and development from ISTD and a Post graduate diploma in psychotherapy & counselling. She has qualified UGC NET examination. She has over seventeen years of experience including Academics and Corporate. She has worked in area of Human resource Management, Training and Teaching.

She has presented and published many research papers in various national and international level Seminars/ Journals. She has authored a book, case studies and articles. She was awarded for the “Best Professor in HRM” by 21st Dewang Mehta Business School Affair Awards 2013. She was awarded first prize in case study conference at IBS Hyderabad. She has guided students on winning live projects and competitions. Dr. Suruchi is approved Ph.D supervisor under SIU. She has conducted MDPs and consulting assignments. She has keen interest in interdisciplinary research along with HRM.

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1. Joint Secretary of ISTD Pune Chapter

2. Active member of ISTD, NHRD and MCCIA HR forum of Pune chapter

3. At SIMS Faculty Incharge of HR club “the people tree” and “Connect with SIMS” to solve SIMS aspirants queries.

4. Subjects taught Management, Organisations Behaviour, Human Resources Management, Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Learning and Development

5. Working on MRP provided by SIU on Bio Medical Waste Management in Hospitals of Pune City.