Dr. B. R. Londhe

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He has under his name two degrees and a diploma in management in fields as Marketing Management, Materials Management &International Business. Has graduated in first class in B.sc (physics) and has a work experience of 12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry alone. Dr. Londhe is a Ph.D from Pune University and has undergone training at two IIMs for various aspects of faculty development programs.

S.No. Ref. No. Title Principal Investigator Co- Investigator Amount (INR)
1 SIU/SCRI/Minor Research Approval/2014/16/SIMS1/1489/20.3.2015 To Design an efficient financial managemnet system and training module for sick/ inactive SHGs in Pune( PMC limits). Dr BR Londhe Mr. Rahul Dhaigude, Mr. Venkatesh Iyengar 1,15,000/-