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Brig (Dr.) Rajiv Divekar is Director of the SIMS. He was Head of Faculty Strategic and Operational Studies at Army War College, Faculty member in Defence Strategic Studies at Defence Services Staff College, Wellington. He is a M. Phil from D A V V University and MSc from Madras University. A Gold medalist in BE (civil), he has done his MBA specializing in Human Resource Management. He has rich experience of strategy, planning, logistics and human resource management based on his service with multinational team as United Nations Forces in Somalia and Lebanon. He is a charter Member of the All India Management Association.

Journal Papers Published

1 Suruchi Pandey, Rajiv Divekar, Shiva Gupta (06/2016) Bio-medical waste mangement review of practices adopted by hospitals in Pune city. Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine, 3(2) : 110-120 (Ebsco; ISSN: 2394-6776).

2 Divekar Rajiv, Kumar Pravin (12/2015) Round Table Discussion: Improving Corporate Governance in SMES in and around Pune region. Journal of Applied Management- Jidnyasa, 7(2) : 70-72 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).

3 Divekar Rajiv (07/2014) A Study of Challenges Faced by E-Commerce Companies in India and Methods Employed To Overcome Them. Procedia Economics and Finance, 11: 553-560 (ScienceDirect; ISSN: 2212-5671).

4 Londhe BR, Srinivasan Radhakrishnan, Divekar Rajiv (07/2014) Socio Economic Impact of Mobile Phones on the Bottom of Pyramid Population- A Pilot Study. Procedia Economics and Finance, 11: 620-625 (ScienceDirect; ISSN: 2212-5671).

5 Patil Harish, Divekar Rajiv (07/2014) Inventory Management Challenges For B2 C E- Commerce Retailers. Procedia Economics and Finance, 11: 561-571 (ScienceDirect; ISSN: 2212-5671).

6 Rawat Sonam, Divekar Rajiv (07/2014) Developing a Social Media Presence Strategy For an E – Commerce Business. Procedia Economics and Finance, 11: 626-634 (ScienceDirect; ISSN: 2212-5671).

7 Rawat Sonam, Divekar Rajiv (07/2014) Assessing Integration between Project Management with NPD Process in Heavy Industrial Components Industry and Developing a Framework to align them. Procedia Economics and Finance, 11: 726- 736 (ScienceDirect; ISSN: 2212-5671).

Case Studies Published

1.Divekar Rajiv, Chitrao Pradnya, Bhoyar Pravin Kumar (10/2014) Millennium Company Ltd: overcoming tough times. Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection, , Ref. No. DOI 10.1108/EEMCS-03- 2013.

2. S Dhar, Rajiv Divekar, K Medhekar, Bhat Viraja, Kishti D, Pradnya Chitrao (01/2011) India: Pison: Sustainability in competitive times. European Case Clearing House (ECCH), , Ref. No. 311-145- 8.

Proceeding Papers Published

1. Chitrao Pradnya, Divekar Rajiv, Pabalkar Vanishree (01/2017) Computer Based Training and Other Rehabilitation Measures for Absorption of Ex- Convicts into Civil Society for a Sustainable Economy -A Project Conducted in Maharashtra Prisons. In: Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Computing Techniques in Engineering, Science and Management,

2. Divekar Rajiv, Bandhopadhyay Pallab (02/2016) A study of the factors which influence the recruiters for choosing a particular management institute. In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Big Data and Cloud Computing Challenges (ISBCC-16), 49, pp: 483-491 (ISBN : 978-3- 319-30348- 2).

1. Courses, Sem and Batch taken – Batch 2009-2011. 2010-2012 Marketing Management Applications (Semester 2)
2011-2013 2012-2014, 2013-2015 – Business Management Applications (Semester 2)

2. Faculty in charge of Cell/ Club –TEDX

3. Member of any Committee –

 Member of Academic Council

 Chairman of NAAC Committee

 Chairman of UGC Committee

 Member of Board of Planning and Development.(SIU)

 Internal Expert of Catalog Rationalisation for Strategy (SIU).

4. Member of any organisation –

 National NHRD Network Pune Chapter


 Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Ind. And Agriculture

 British Council Library

 Association for Talent Development ATD Professional Plus Member

 Indian Society for Training Development

 All India Management Association

5. Awards won-

 “Innovation in Placements” by DNA and Stars of Industry Group ( 2011)

 Awarded Rajiv Gandhi Education Excellence Award and Rashtriya Vidya Gaurav Gold Medal Award for outstanding / Achievements in the field of Education (2013)

 Awarded Best B School in “Innovation in Placements”by DNA innovative B School Awards (2014)

 Award for B-Schools with Industry Related Curriculum in Marketing.(2015)

 Lifetime Education Achievement Award (2016)

 Certificate for outstanding achievements in the Field of education Lifetime Education Achievement Award (2016)

6. Any other achievements – Successfully completed NAAC for Symbiosis International University.

Article by Brig. (Dr.) Rajiv Divekar in “The Times of PAMAC”

Paper Presentation at VIT, Chennai.

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