According to an MOU with Ministry of Defence, Govt of India, the to fulltime programs is indicated below :

Defence Open Category :
80% vacancies for the full time two year courses offered by SIMS, shall be allotted to dependents of defence personnel only on the basis of their performance in the entrance examination and strictly on merit. *(Please see Note for Dependants below).

Defence Special Category :
10% vacancies will cater for dependents of Defence Personnel affected as under:

  • Killed in action (War, Counter- Insurgency or War- like operations)
  • Next of kin of service personnel who have died/been disabled while in service and are awarded Special Family Pension/Liberalised Family Pension.

*(Please see Note for Dependants below).
(Admission would be subject to condition that the candidate meets the laid qualitative requirements and will be required to go through the selection process like other students.)

Industry Sponsored Category :
10% of the total vacancies would constitute the Industry Sponsored category. This category is open to those students who are sponsored by industry for full time programmes. The qualitative requirements and selection process for this category are same as mentioned earlier. This category of admissions is meant to give an opportunity to industry to sponsor candidates to enhance their relationships with SIMS and the campus placement opportunities of the institute. The following may be noted:
  • The Industry / Sponsored category vacancies are meant for those companies that visit Institute for campus placements.
  • The institute reserves the right to give admission to a candidate of its choice.
  • The fees for such students will be two and a half times more than that of Defence Category Students.
  • They have to go through the selection process, as outlined.

Officers on Study Leave :
Serving Defence officers’ are permitted to undergo full time MBA course whilst on Study Leave, as per respective Service HQ regulations.
International Students :

A few seats are available for international/NRI category students as per Symbiosis International University regulations.
* Note:

Dependent’s in Defence category of following are eligible to apply :
  • Serving Army, Navy or Air force (hereinafter termed as Defence) personnel.
  • Pensioners of regular Army, Navy or Air force.
  • Ex-servicemen including ex-Short Service Officers (who have completed 5 years service)
  • MNS officers who have taken retirement after 10 years of completed service (without pensionary benefit).
  • War Widows who are in receipt of liberalized pension.
  • TA personnel who have completed 10 years of embodied service.
  • Adopted children of Defence personnel (adopted at least 5 years prior to seeking admission).
  • Children of widows of Defence personnel who are born as a result of second marriage with Defence personnel.

(Please refer to Govt of India letter no. 36034/5/85-Estt. (SCT), dated 14th April 1987 for clarification on ‘ex-serviceman’).

Documents to support eligibility (Dependents duly attested by Class 1-gazetted officer/magistrate).

A. Dependents of Serving Defence Personnel :
Unit DO Part II Order / AG Branch (Org 5) / equivalent copy indicating family details.

Personnel below Officers’ Rank:
Unit Part II Order / Records office copy indicating family details.

B. Dependents of pensioners/ex-Servicemen :
  • Copy of CCDA (Pension), Allahabad / DCDA (Air Force), Delhi / CDA (Navy), Mumbai; PPO indicating grant of pensionary awards.
  • Copy Unit Part II Order / AG Branch or equivalent / Record office indicating details of family members.
  • Certificate of ex-servicemen from Zilla Sainik Board will not be acceptable.

C. Dependents in Defence Special Category :
  • Copy of Ministry of Defence letter indicating grant of Special/Liberalised Family Pensionary awards; copy of CDA (Pension/DCDA (Air Force)/CDA (Navy) indicating award of Special/Liberalised Pensionary awards.
  • Copy of AG Branch / equivalent / Records office/Military Hospital order indicating nature and cause of death disablement