JIDNYASA in Sanskrit carries a meaning that is in deep resonance with the core ideology that goes behind any institute of learning in the world: The Thirst for Knowledge. The journal seeks to satiate this thirst through a range of subjects varying from management topics to economics and education.

The journal is a rich source of information on the various practices in the business world today. It is a compendium of knowledge gathered from faculty and students and representatives from the industry and is indicative of the direction in which the corporate world is heading. The dynamic business scenario requires us to have clarity of vision, which can only be achieved through enriching our perceptions. JIDNYASA helps us in realizing this vision.

Issue No.1, March 2015

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Analysis of the use of plastic money: A boon or a bane Anisha Bisht, Praveen Nair, Rakshita Dubey, Tanu Hajela PDF
Green HR: Analysis of sustainable practices incorporated by IT firms in India Pallavi Sharma, Ruchismita Parida, Shitij Raj, Vivek Yadav PDF
A study on occupational stress among faculty members in higher education institutions in Pune Naina Sabherwal, Deeya Ahuja, Mohit George, Arjun Handa PDF
The progress of renewable energy with respect to wind energy in last 6 years in India Gunjan Aggarwal, Gaurav Bhargad, Kapil Bora, Chhavinath Dubey PDF
Analysis of the effects of Corporate Social Responsibility activities on employee satisfaction and commitment Aditya Pratap Singh, Saily Paithankar PDF
The impact of ‘awareness campaigns’ in the eradication of polio from India Shiny Yadav, Aditi Srivastava PDF

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