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Brig (Dr.) Rajiv Divekar

Director & Associate Professor


Total Experience (In years): 15

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Director : Brig(Dr) Rajiv Divekar (Retd)

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous

    Brig(Dr) Rajiv Divekar (Retd) is Director of the SIMS. He was Head of Faculty Strategic and Operational Studies at Army War College, Faculty member in Defence Strategic Studies at Defence Services Staff College, Wellington. He is a M. Phil from D A V V University and MSc from Madras University. A Gold medalist in BE (civil), he has done his MBA specializing in Human Resource Management. He has rich experience of strategy, planning, logistics and human resource management based on his service with multinational team as United Nations Forces in Somalia and Lebanon. He is a charter Member of the All India Management Association.

    Paper Presentation at VIT, Chennai.

    To View The Video Please Click Here

Dr. Bhoyar Pravin Kumar

Associate Professor & Deputy Director


Total Experience (In years) :15

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Dr. Pravin Kumar Bhoyar

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    He is Msc, Phd, Post Doctoral Research Fellow of Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi. Pravinkumar submitted a thesis on “Constructing a scale to measure effectiveness of FMCG distribution channels in rural market in Maharashtra” to Symbiosis International University, Pune for the award of his Ph.D. He is an M.B.A. from Institute of Business Management and Rural Development, Ahmednagar, Pune University, in 2000. He has a B.E. degree from College of Engineering and Technology Akola, Amravati University, in 1998. He is an Assistant Professor in the area of marketing and entrepreneurship with Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies since 2005 and In-charge of “Centre for Corporate Governance” and “Centre for Entrepreneurship”. He was a team Leader in Liability department with IndusInd Bank Ltd Pune, 2004.
    • Divekar Rajiv, Chitrao Pradnya, Kumar Pravin (10/2014) Millennium Company Ltd: overcoming tough times. Emerging Markets Case Studies Collection, 4(5) : 1-10 ( ISSN: 2045-0621).
    • Kumar Pravin (02/2011) Consumers Satisfaction Regarding Effectiveness of FMCG Distribution Channels in Rural Markets. Management Global Review International Journal, 1(1) : 37-41 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Kumar Pravin (02/2011) The venture capital Investment : A help for the growth of entrepreneurship in India. Jidnyasa, : 43-45 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Kumar Pravin, Nagendra Asha (01/2012) Effectiveness of FMCG Distribution Channels With Respect to Satisfaction of Consumers in Rural Market. Indian Journal of Marketing, 42(1) : 17-22 ( ISSN: 0973-8703).
    • Kumar Pravin, Nagendra Asha (06/2012) Establishing Relationships that Strengthen the Business Incubator and Services Rendered to Businesses. Jidnyasa, 2(2) : 17-20 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Kumar Pravin, Nagendra Asha (07/2014) Due Diligence to Assess and Validate the Students Entrepreneurs and Their Business Plans- An Investors Contemporary Approach. Procedia Economics and Finance, 11: 737-744 (ScienceDirect; ISSN: 2212-5671).
    • Pravin Kumar, Nagendra Asha (02/2011) The Venture Capital Investment: A help for the growth of entrepreneurship in India. Jidnyasa Research Journal, 1(1) : 43-45 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Pravin Kumar, Nagendra Asha (10/2012) Backward integration model in entrepreneurship – A mitigation strategy for investors. In: Inclusiveness and Innovation – Challenges for Sustainable Growth of Emerging Economies (Edited by: by Rajiv Divekar and BR Londhe) Excel India Publishers , pp: 311-315 (ISBN: 978-93-82062-74-5).
    • Kumar Pravin, Deshpande DM (02/2012) Towards Better Corporate Governance. White paper – Pune International Centre.
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Dr. Agrawal Amit Assistant Professor
Total Experience (In years) :4

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  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Qualification: Mr Amit complete his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee . Prior to that, he has completed his MBA in Marketing from Madan Mohan Malviya Engineering College. His work experience comprises of mix blend of industry and academics. His area of interest lies in consumer co-creation, consumer value, Self Service Technologies, and marketing. His work has been published in various international journals and conferences. He has attended more than 10 international and national conferences in India and abroad in the last five years. His PhD thesis focused on modelling and measuring of consumer co-created value in e-services. He is also reviewer to some of the prestigious marketing journals such as: Journal of Service Management, Journal of Services Marketing, Computer Behaviour in Humans, Journal of Strategy and Management.

    Interest Area:consumer co-creation, consumer value, Self Service Technologies, and marketing

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    We will update soon…

Dr. Chandani Arti

Assistant Professor

Ph.D, M. Phil, MBA, M Com, B.Com, NET

Total Experience (In years) :18

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Dr. Arti Chandani

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Dr. Arti Chandani’s specialization is finance and her interest area includes financial accounting, cost and management accounting and financial management. She has more than 18 years of Post graduate teaching experience. She has attended many conferences, national and international and presented papers in those conferences. She has written a chapter in book titled, “Emerging Trends in Service Sector”. She has also taught in Brunei Darussalam for 4 years. She has completed her Ph.D from University of Madras, Chennai. She has been certified by AIMA as AMT (Accredited Management Teacher).

    Dr. Arti presented a paper through video presentation in the international conference on management and information systems, organised in Bangkok.

Dr. Chitranshi Jaya

Associate Professor


Total Experience (In years) :16

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Dr. Jaya Chitranshi

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Jaya Chiranshi
    Dr. Jaya Chitranshi is Associate Professor (HRM-OB), Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies. She is an MA in Organizational Psychology and MBA in Human Resource Management from the University of Lucknow. She did her Ph.D in Organizational Psychology from the University of Lucknow. She received NET-JRF/SRF by the University Grants Commission and the Best Researcher Prize by the University of Lucknow for her doctoral work. She has a teaching experience of 16 years. She was associated with the Department of Business Administration, University of Lucknow, Lucknow as Visiting Faculty for about 8 years. She was a Full-time Member of the Faculty at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow for 8 years. An avid researcher and practitioner, Dr. Chitranshi has many international publications to her credit and has participated in many MDPs and Seminars.
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    We will update soon…

Dr. Chitrao Pradnya

Associate Professor

Ph.D, MA, BA

Total Experience (In years) :34

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Dr. Pradnya Chitrao

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    MA PhD, 33 years’ academic experience, Presented papers at various international conferences including the 8th International Humanities Conference hosted by University of California, LA with the paper being published in the International Journal of Humanities. She heads the women cell at SIMS and also is a key person to launch Jidnyasa, a research journal at SIMS.
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Dr. Chopra Komal

Assistant Professor


Total Experience (In years) :11

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Prof. Komal Chopra

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Dr. Komal Chopra is a qualified engineer with a degree in BE (Electrical) and masters in MBA (Marketing) & UGC-NET ,PhD. His experience is more than 10 years in the industry in research and teaching. He has published case studies and research papers in national and international conferences and research journals. He is a ISO 9001:2008 certified auditor and has conducted MDP programs for industry.
    • Chitrao Pradnya, Chopra Komal (12/2011) Brand Building through Service Management: Case study of Maruti Udyog Ltd. KBSCMR Journal of Management Research, 2 ( ISSN: 0975-1513).
    • Chopra Komal (01/2010) Impact of Store Brand Emotions on Consumer Choice of Store in an Organized Retail Environment. Jidnyasa, : 96-99 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Chopra Komal (01/2010) Organized Retailing in India – Strategies for survival and growth in Economic Slowdown. Jidnyasa, 1: 22-24 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Chopra Komal (01/2011) Wal-Mart : Can it succeed in India?. Indian Journal of Marketing, 41(1) ( ISSN: 0973-8703).
    • Chopra Komal (01/2012) Empirical Study on Influence of store brand personality on consumer choice of store across organized retail formates in Pune. Jidnyasa, : 68-73 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Chopra Komal (03/2014) Ecopreneurship: Is it a viable business model?. Archers & Elevators International Journal of MultiDisciplinary Research, 2(3) (ISSN: 2348 – 6724).
    • Chopra Komal (03/2014) Study of Relationship between utilitarian and hedonic motives and temporal perspective at retail malls. International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology, 2(3) : 35-41 (Google Scholar,Computer Science Directory,Global Impact Factor,Index Copernicus,ResearchGate,Scribd; ISSN: 2321-9653).
    • Chopra Komal (03/2014) Study of utilitarian and hedonic motives of female shoppers for apparel in organized retail outlets. Journal of Commerce and Management Research, 4(1) ( ISSN: 2249-0442.).
    • Komal Chopra (07/2014) Empirical study on role of customer service in delivering satisfaction at branded retail outlets in Pune. Procedia Economics and Finance, 11: 239-246 (ScienceDirect; ISSN: 2212-5671).
    • Pradnya Chitrao, Komal Chopra (11/2012) Brand Building through Services. Jidnyasa: Thirst for Knowledge, ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Sane Vivek, Chopra Komal (05/2014) Analytical study of shopping motives of young customers for selected product categories with reference to organized retailing in select metropolitan select cities of India. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 133: 160-168 (Thomson Reuteurs,ScienceDirect; ISSN: 1877-0428).
    • Chopra Komal (01/2011) Impact on Customer Reward Programmes on Customer Purchase Intent in organized retailing during Economic Downturn. In: Managing in Trubutent times enterprise initating and tecgnological implication (Edited by: Nityesh Bhatt and Bindi Mehta) Nirma University , pp: 207-215 (ISBN: 93-80697-45-7).
    • Chopra Komal (02/2011) Applying SERVQUAL to measure customer satisfaction in organized retail in Pune city. In: Nurturing serivce industry for economic development (Edited by: Seema joshi, Anil dongre & R.R Chavan) Himalaya Publisher , pp: 60-67 (ISBN: 978-93-5024-768-6).
    • Chopra Komal (10/2010) Challenges in delivering global management education by Indian educational institutions. In: International of higher education (INCONSYM) (Edited by: Rajani Gupte, Bhama Venkataramani & Deepa Gupta) (ISBN: 978-81-7446-980-9).
    • Deshpande DM, Chopra Komal (02/2012) Why FDI in retail? A study with reference to select stakeholders. In: Inclusivenessand Innovation – Challenges for Sustainable Growth of Emerging Economies (Edited by: Rajiv Divekar and BR Londhe) Excel India Publishers , pp: 542-548 (ISBN: 978-93-82062-74-5).
    • Chopra Komal (02/2011) Factors influencing choice of store in organized retailing in Pune city. In: proceedings of National Conference on Business Strategies for Emerging Market, , pp: 88-92 (ISBN : 978-93-5024-792-1).
    • Chopra Komal (02/2011) Wal-Mart – Bharti Alliance : Brand Building Challenges in India. In: National Seminar on role of Corporate Ethics for Sustainability Development, , pp: 20-23 (ISBN : 978-81-910594-1-0).
    • Chopra Komal (10/2010) Impact of Private Label Branding on Consumer Perception in Organized Retailing. In: International conference on Innvoation in strategic management for orgnization excellence, , pp: 36-40 (ISBN : 978-81-908387-3-3).
    • Nagendra Asha, Chitrao Pradnya, Chopra Komal (11/2012) Spreading Smiles – CSR Activities of Selected Manufacturing Companies. In: Proceedings of National Conference on Innovation for Competitive Edge: Growth and Sustainability, , pp: 186-206 (ISBN : 935-059-464-1).
    • Pabalkar Vanishree, Komal Chopra (01/2013) FDI in Multi Brand Retail : Opportunities and Challenges for Global Retailer in India. In: Proceedings of National Conference on FDI at Sinhgad, , pp: 35-42 (ISBN : 978-81-910118-5-2).
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Dr. Dasgupta Hirak

Associate Professor


Total Experience (In years) :12

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  • Overview & ExperiencePublications
    Dr.Sanjay Pawar

    Profile: Dr Hirak Dasgupta has 10 years of academic experience and 6 years of industry experience. He has supervised one PhD student and six MPhil students. Dr Dasgupta has published articles in national and international journals and has reviewed articles for reputed journals.

Prof. Dhaigude Rahul

Assistant Professor

B.Com, B.Ed, M.Com, MCM, NET

Total Experience (In years) :8

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Prof. Rahul Dhaigude

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Prof. Rahul Dhaigude has done M.Com. B.Ed. and MCM. He has cleared UGC NET in Commerce subject. He has more than 10 years of experience in varied fields of Teaching, Vocational Education, ITeS and Hospitality. His area of interest is Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting.
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    S.No. Ref. No. Title Principal Investigator Co- Investigator Amount (INR)
    1 SIU/SCRI/Minor Research Approval/2014/16/SIMS1/1489/20.3.2015 To Design an efficient financial managemnet system and training module for sick/ inactive SHGs in Pune( PMC limits). Dr BR Londhe Mr. Rahul Dhaigude, Mr. Venkatesh Iyengar 1,15,000/-
    2 SIU/SCRI/Minor Research Approval/2014/17/SIMS3/1489/20.3.2015 To identify financial constraints impeding the growth of tourism in Mahabaleshwar and make recommendations for their removal. Mr. Rahul Dhaigude Dr BR Londhe, Mr. Venkatesh Iyengar 1,25,000/-

Dr. Kaur Ravinder

Assistant Professor


Total Experience (In years) :2

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Dr. Ravinder Kaur

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    A seasoned HR professional, with extensive experience of 17 years in evolving people strategies, focusing on business transformation, organization design & effectiveness, culture & change, staffing, rewards management, employee relations and retention. She also has good experience in multicultural, non-traditional organizational structures and been instrumental in leading learning & development interventions for senior leadership and diverse workforce across nation and internationally. Prior joining to Symbiosis University as a Full time Faculty in HR, she has worked in Rennar & Frais Consulting as Consulting Director and in Leadership HR roles with Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Apollo Hospitals and an International Contract Research Organisation, JRF, heading global HR operations. An Doctorate in Human Resources and MBA in HR and Marketing from Amity Business School ( Amity University).
    We will update soon…
    We will update soon…

Dr. Mehta Mita

Associate Professor

Ph.D, M. Com, BBA, UGC- SLET

Total Experience (In years) : more than 15 years

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Dr. Mita Mehta

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Dr. Mita Mehta Associate Professor Dr. Mita Mehta is Ph.D.,M.com and UGC-SET qualified. She has more than 15 years of experience in teaching.Dr. Mita Mehta’s current areas of interest are Human resource management, Communication skills, Organizational Behavior and Business ethics. She has done her doctorate in Corporate governance in Indian Corporate Sectors area. She has cleared UGC-SET form M.S.U. Baroda, Gujarat in Commerce Subject. She has various international and national publications in reputed magazines, journals and refereed books related to the area of Business Ethics and HR. She has been awarded as best professor–Human Resource Management by Dewang Mehta Business School Award-2012, She has authored a book on Corporate Governance in India.
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Dr. Nagendra Asha


Post Doctoral Fellow of ICSSR, Ph.D, PGDHRM, M.Sc, B.Sc, B.Ed

Total Experience (In years) :39

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Dr. Asha Nagendra

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous

    Msc, Phd, Post Doctoral Research Fellow of Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi. An alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune, Dr Asha Nagendra completed her PhD in Organizational Management from Pune University. She has been awarded a Senior Research Fellowship for Post Doctoral Research in Human Resource Management by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi to pursue research on “Strategic Human Resource Management – Human Resource Climate and Performance Appraisal System of Personnel in the Automobile Industry (Tata Motors and Bajaj Auto) in Pune” from Dec 2002 to May 2005.

    She has been teaching in Symbiosis International University for the last nine years. In July 2010, she was appointed Director, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (UG), at NOIDA, UP, the off campus institute of Symbiosis International University, Pune and was successful in setting up the institute at NOIDA in 2010.

    With her strong research background she is a PhD guide in 4 Universities including Symbiosis International University, Pune. 08 students have recd PhD under her guidance. 06 pursuing PhD presently in the Faculty of Management. She has attended many national seminars and conferences and has a number of research papers, both National and International to her credit.

    With a rich experience of thirty five years of teaching and research, she has conducted Faculty Development Programs on “Writing a Research Paper” at various institutes. Currently, she is the Professor at the Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Khadki, Pune.

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Dr. Pabalkar Vanishree

Assistant Professor


Total Experience (In years) :12

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Prof. Vanishree Pabalkar

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Dr. Vanishree Pabalkar, a Gold medalist from Pune University, has areas of interest in Marketing Management and Retail Marketing.She has a blend of Corporate and Teaching experience. Her area of research for her doctoral program is in the Retail Sector.She is an author for a book on Marketing Research. She is a prolific writer and has presented several research papers in various national and international conferences. She has also expertise in developing case studies in the areas of Marketing Management and Marketing Research.
    • Dr. Vanishree wrote a research paper titled, ” exploring the effects of switching behaviour of customers in telecom sector” which has been accepted for publication in International Journal of Applied Services Marketing Perspectives”.
    • Balgaonkar Vilas, Pabalkar Vanishree (06/2014) Effect of Social media on Youth,. Indian Streams of Research Journal, : 31-40 ( ISSN: 2230-7850).
    • Dani Vinit, Pabalkar Vanishree (02/2013) Impact of FDI: Banana Republic or Miracle Growth. International Journal of Marketing and Human Resource Management, 4(1) : 157-162 (ProQuest,Index Copernicus,ResearchGate; ISSN: 0976-6502).
    • Dani Vinit, Pabalkar Vanishree (04/2013) Value Added Services-Challenges and Opportunities in India. International Journal of Marketing and Human Resource Mangement, 4(1) : 21-27 (ProQuest,Cabell’s directory,Google Scholar,Scirus,Cite Seer?x,DOAJ,Index Copernicus,ResearchGate; ISSN: 0976-6421).
    • Dani Vinit, Pabalkar Vanishree (06/2013) Huge growth opportunities for Mobile apps in the convergence era. Journal of Management (JOM), 1(1) ( ISSN: 2347-3959).
    • Dani Vinit, Pabalkar Vanishree (11/2013) Branding through Sensory Marketing. IJSR – International Journal of Scientific Research, 2(11) : 300-302 (Google Scholar,Scirus; ISSN: 2277 – 8179).
    • Dani Vinit, Vanishree Pabalkar (07/2013) Drivers of brand preference in SUV car segments in India. Global Research Analysis, 2(7) : 89-93 (Google Scholar; ISSN: 2277-8160).
    • Dani Vinit, Vanishree Pabalkar (09/2013) Exploring of Consumer behavior towards fast food Industry: A Case study on Pune. Indian Journal of Applied Research, (Google Scholar; ISSN: 2249-555X).
    • Gupta Kriti, Pabalkar Vanishree (03/2012) Impact of Service offerings on Customer loyalty inTelecom Sector. International Journal of Engineering science & Research (IJESR), ( ISSN: 2231-5535).
    • Pabalkar Vanishree (01/2011) Changing dynamics of management through Innovation and creativity sub theme : CRM and customer loyalty. Jidnyasa, : 100-104 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Pabalkar Vanishree (01/2013) Benchmarking measures of Customer satisfaction for new Service offerings. RVIM Journal of Management Research, 5(1) : 53-60 ( ISSN: 0974-6722).
    • Pabalkar Vanishree (07/2014) Drivers Of eShopping Behaviour. Procedia Economics and Finance, 11: 600-608 (ScienceDirect; ISSN: 2212-5671).
    • Vanishree Pabalkar (02/2012) Assessing customer satisfaction through new service offerings. In: Inclusivenessand Innovation – Challenges for Sustainable Growth of Emerging Economies (Edited by: Rajiv Divekar and BR Londhe) Excel India Publishers , pp: 777-784 (ISBN: 978-93-82062-74-5).
    • Dani Vinit, Vanishree Pabalkar (05/2013) FDI in Retail. In: Proceedings of International Conference on FDI: Issues and Prospects, (ISBN : 978-81-910118-5-2).
    • Pabalkar Vanishree, Komal Chopra (01/2013) FDI in Multi Brand Retail : Opportunities and Challenges for Global Retailer in India. In: Proceedings of National Conference on FDI at Sinhgad, , pp: 35-42 (ISBN : 978-81-910118-5-2).
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Dr. Pandey Suruchi

Associate Professor

Ph. D, MCom, MPM, Dip TD, PGDPC,MDHEA(pursuing)

Total Experience (In years) :15

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Dr. Suruchi Pandey

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Dr.Suruchi Pandey Presently a faculty for Human Resource Management at Symbiosis Institute of Management, Pune, India. Prof Suruchi has done Ph.D and has a Master’s degree in commerce as well as Personnel Management . She is Gold Medalist of Pune University MPM programe. She is completed diploma in training and development from ISTD and a Post graduate diploma in psychotherapy & counselling. She has qualified UGC NET examination. She has close to one and half decades of experience including Academics and Corporate. She has worked in area of Human resource Management, Training and Teaching. She has presented and published many research papers in various national and international level seminars/ Journals. She has authored a book and case studies. She was awarded for the “Best Professor in HRM” by 21st Dewang Mehta Business School Affair Awards 2013.
    • Nalwade Swati, Pandey Suruchi (12/2014) Making CSR Instrumental for b school curriculum Towards shaping a better society. EXCEL International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies, 4(12) : 92 – 108 (WorldCat,Scirus,Index Copernicus,Open J-Gate; ISSN: 2249 – 8834).
    • Pandey Suruchi (02/2010) Role of Training and development in retail industry – A comparative study. Jidyansa, 1: 25-32 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Pandey Suruchi (02/2011) Corporate Social Responsibility – A key driver for Employee Engagement. Jidyansa, : 63-68 ( ISSN: 0976-0326).
    • Pandey Suruchi, Bapat S.G (05/2014) Best Practices Learning and Development: Based on Study of Hospitality Industry Units in Pune. International Journal of Business, Management and Social Sciences, 3(9) : 29-33 ( ISSN: 2249-7463).
    • Pandey Suruchi, Chhaila Tanya (05/2014) A study of trends in mentoring relationships existing in the Indian IT industry. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 133: 425-437 (Thomson Reuteurs,ScienceDirect; ISSN: 1877-0428).
    • Pandey Suruchi, Pathak Megha (06/2014) A study on Learners Perspective on Learning Management System in the IT Industry. International Journal Of Information Technology & Computer Sciences Perspectives, 3(2) : 914-922 ( ISSN: 2319-9024).
    • Pandey Suruchi, Sharma Deepesh (07/2014) Succession Planning Practices and Challenges: Study of Indian Organisations. Procedia Economics and Finance, 11: 152 – 165 (ScienceDirect; ISSN: 2212-5671).
    • Pandey Suruchi, Shivani Sindhwani (02/2015) In the world of Learning. IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR – JBM), : 54-58 ( ISSN: 2278-487X). Pandey Suruchi, Tiwari Swati (11/2014) Education and Prosperity through Technology – Case of Virtual Education Limited, Nigeria. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 157: 55-62 (Thomson Reuteurs,ScienceDirect; ISSN: 1877-0428).
    • Pandey Suruchi, Y K Upadhyay, Devyani Sarna (09/2014) Measuring impact of training for relationship managers employed in mutual fund industry. Indian Journal of Training and Development, 44: 1-9 ( ISSN: 0971-5592).
    • Suruchi Pandey (09/2012) Training in Hospitality Industry: Indian Perspective. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (ISBN: 978-3-659-22951-0).
    • Pandey Suruchi (02/2012) A study of key motivating factor of pilots of civil aviation in India. In: Employee first , Customer next (Edited by: A.B. kalkundrikar. RR Kulkarni, Swatee log) Himalaya Publication , pp: 264-279 (ISBN: 978-93-5051-687-4).
    • Pandey Suruchi, Sanya Sapra (11/2012) A study of engagement levers for the senior leadership in Indian it organizations. In: Inclusivenessand Innovation-Challenges for Sustainable Growth of Emerging Economies (Edited by: Rajiv Divekar and BR Londhe) Excel India Publishers , pp: 542-548 (ISBN: 978-93-82062-74-5).
    • Pandey Suruchi, Shivangi Dhingra (03/2013) Career Planning in Inception. European Case Clearing House (ECCH), , Ref. No. 413-017-8.
    • Pandey Suruchi, Shivangi Dhingra (11/2012) Case Study on Rewards and Recognitions in Transitions. European Case Clearing House (ECCH), , Ref. No. 412-054-1.
    • Pandey Suruchi (02/2010) Managing workplace diversity: Challenging role of HR in strategic Alliances. In: Proceedings of International seminar on strategic alliances for sustainable competitive advantage, , pp: 173-179 (ISBN : 978-81-908387-4-0).
    • Pandey Suruchi (10/2010) A study of employee Engagement in Telecom management. In: Proceedings of International seminar on Innvoation in strategic management for orgnizational excellence, , pp: 239-246 (ISBN : 978-81-908387-3-3).
    • Suruchi Pandey, Sarna Devyani (10/2012) Training for Relationship Managers employes in mutual fund industry. In: Proceedings of 2nd International conference exploring Non-liner growth through HR driven strategies, , pp: 120-134 (ISBN : 978-81-921148-2-8).
    S.No. Ref. No. Title Principal Investigator Co- Investigator Amount (INR)
    1 SIU/SCRI/Minor Research Approval/2014/02/SIMS2/1489 dated 20.3.2015 Waste Management in hospitals of Pune Dr. Suruchi Pandey 70,000/-

Dr. Pawar Sanjay

Associate Professor

Ph. D, MBA, B.Sc.

Total Experience (In years) :3

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Dr. Sanjay Pawar

  • Overview & ExperiencePublications
    Dr.Sanjay Pawar

    He is an MBA from University of Pune and a Ph. D. in Business Management from Shivaji University.

    His work experience consists of a blend of industry and academics. His area of interest is marketing

    and he has experience in implementing commercial strategies, price management, key customer

    retention and dealer network management. He has various publications in the area of higher

    education and marketing.

Ms. Sanchari Debgupta SIU Research Assistant Total Experience (In years) :2

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Prof. Sanchari Debgupta

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Qualification: M.Sc (Economics with specialization in International Economics and Trade) from Symbiosis School of Economics, B.Sc (Economics) from West Bengal State University.

    Interest Area: International Economy of Trade, Political Economics, Mathematical Economics, Labour Migration, Econometrics

    We will update soon…
    We will update soon…
Ms. Preeti kamboj Research Assistant
Total Experience (In years) :2

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Ms.Preeti kamboj

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Qualification: MSC Economics ( Development Studies) from Symbiosis School of Economics, BA (HONS) Economics from Delhi University.

    Interest Area: International Economy of Trade, Political Economics, Mathematical Economics, Labour Migration, Econometrics

    We will update soon…
    We will update soon…
Ms.Aadya Sharma Teaching Assistant
Total Experience (In years) :fresher

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  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Qualification:Aadya Sharma have done her BA (hons) Economics from Central University, Bilaspur and was a University gold medallist in Economics for batch 2011-14. She did her PGDIB from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (2014-15) and M. Sc. (Economics- International Trade Specialization) from Symbiosis School of Economics (2014-16

    Interest Area: International trade, Econometrics and Macroeconomics

    We will update soon…
    We will update soon…
M. K. Gandhi

Prof. M.K.Gandhi


Email : mk.gandhi@sims.edu

Tel  :   020-30213300 Total Experience (In years) :13

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Prof. M.K.Gandhi

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    M. K. Gandhi

    Prof. Madhup K. Gandhi is an Electronics engineer with MBA in materials management and is working as management professional with 23 + years of international experience at top management level in Supply Chain Management, Operations management & Project Management. He has worked with Mafatlal Group, Indorama Group, United Group, PT. Kewalram Indonesia, Conitex Sonocco at various management levels. He has been associated with institutes and universities like Symbiosis, Pune university, NITIE, VIT, Amity University, Wellingker Institute, D Y Patil University, IGNOU etc. for more than 12 years for teaching. He has conducted various training programmes and MDP’s for companies like Intel, Wipro, HP, IBM, Infosys, SKF, SKF, Thermax Ltd. L & T, Bharat Forge, Thyssen Krupp, TNT, Gati logistics, HUL, Godrej, L’Oreal. He has Written books On Following Subjects: Operations Management, SCM, Technology Management, Project Management and Retail Store Operations (Jointly).

    • Banks – Bank of America, HSBC
    • Logistics Companies – TNT, Gati
    • FMCG companies – HUL, Godrej, L’Oreal
    • Education – B.E. (E & TC) (MANIT) REC, MBA – Materials, Symbiosis
    • Countries Traveled: Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Srilanka, Singapore, Dubai, Oman
    We will update soon…

Prof. Vivek Divekar


Email : vivek.divekar@sims.edu

Tel   :   020-30213287

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Prof. Vivek Divekar

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Prof. Vivek Divekar, is an adjunct faculty of the SIMS and is a faculty in Finance. He is a B.com Graduate and Fellow Member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He has worked with various corporate for more than 10 years and at present is a Practicing Company Secretary by profession. His corporate experience is for more than 20 years. He is having a teaching experience of more than 15 years and is honored by “ Best Faculty Award” by various Management Institutes for number of occasions.

    He has written a book on Capital Market

    We will update soon…
Mr. Satish Dhanorkar

Prof. Satish Dhanorkar


Mr. Kingshuk Bhadury

Prof. Kingshuk Bhadury


Adv. P Sukhatme

Prof.Adv. P Sukhatme


Shubada S

Prof. Shubadha Sabade


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Dr Shubhada Sabade

  • has done her MA (Hon) in Economics from Bombay Univ; and MPM and Ph D in management from Pune Univ. She has several years of industry and academic experience. She has co-authored a book and written a few research articles. She is a regular columnist for the Financial Express (nationwide issue) and writes articles for the Economic Times Edit page (nationwide).

Harnita Chowdhary

Prof. Harnita Chowdhary


Mr. Dhanunjay
Prof. Dhanunjay Professor
Mr. Supratik

Prof. Supratik Ghatak


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Mr. Supratik Ghatak

  • Overview & ExperiencePublicationsMiscellaneous
    Supratik Ghatak is a marketing & techno- commercial professional specializing in the sphere of Information Technology with focus in the emerging technology space of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud. He has more than a decade of proven experience in technology consulting, digital & field marketing, core b2b sales, market research & analysis, instructional interfacing and corporate management roles. Work Experience includes experience of working in India , USA, Singapore and the UK He has extensive teaching experience in corporate and institutional fields covering communications methodologies, organizational management principles, technology, sales & marketing. Adjunct Faculty – Symbiosis Group of Institutions, Pune Panel Faculty – The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI, India ) Instructor – Miller Heiman’s “Strategic & Conceptual Selling” process ( USA & India )

    He has written a book on Capital Market

    We will update soon…
yashodhan Krishna

Prof. Yashodhan Krishna


Visiting Faculties Work Experience Area Of specialization
Mr.Sandeep Khedkar 29 Years Managing in Economic Volatility / ERP / Integrated Learning
Mrs Divya Lekha 16 Years MIS
Mr Sunil Kumar 20Years Product Management / Mergers & Acquisition in Marketing
Dr. V V Ramasastry 38 Years Marketing Management
Mr Aneesh Dey 13 Years Derivatives / Retail Banking & Wealth Management
Mr P.K.Rajagopal 20 Years Taxation / Mergers and Acquisition in Finance
Mr. S K Vaze 41 Years Global Financial Management / International Trade & Finance
Mr. U Desai 52 Years EXIM
Prof Iyer 10 Years Interanational Marketing /Global B’ness Environment / International Business Strategy / Cases in IB
Mr Mridul Kantinath 13 Years 8 Months HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection / Talent Acquisition
Mr. P. S Gadkari 62 Years Managing in Employee Relations / Cases in IR
Mr Awati 20 Years Labour Laws-1 & Labour Laws -2
Mr K.G.Awale 30 Years Labour Eco
Dr Santosh Bhave 35 Years Talent Engagement & Management / Excellence in HR
Mr Satish Chinchorkar 10 Years Total Quality Management
Mr Mayuresh Unde 19 Years World Class Manufacturing / Supply Chain Management
Mr Hemant Pundle 19 Years Coordinator
Mr S.R.Phadke 32 Years Operations Research / Quantitative Techniques/Operations in the Service Industry
Mr Pravin Rattan 45 Years Business Ethics
Mr Ashish Momaya 8 Years Business Intelligence / CRM / MIS
Mr S.X.D’souza 32.5 Years Organisational Behaviour
Mrs Mala Sane 6 Years Management Trends
Lt Col Sunil Brijkrishan 25 Years Leadership
Mr Rishi Kappal 20 Years Integrated Marketing Communication / HR Audit Competency & Mapping
Mr R.G.Anandikar 40 Years Rural Marketing
Mr Gurmeet Singh 10 Years Internet Marketing
Mr Neeraj Marathe 7 Years SAPM & Technical Analysis
Mr Prasad Kalbhande 12 Years Investment Banking
Mr Sripad Limaye 6 Years OProject Management in Finance
Prof Sayali M 8 Years Financial Risk Management / Financial Statement Analysis
Mrs Harshali Murudkar 15 Years HR Metrics / International HRM
Dr Anand Apte 35 Years Organizational Psychology
Mr Suresh Patwardhan 25 Years Project Management in Operations
Name of the Employee Email id Phone no.
Brig(Dr) Rajiv Divekar director@sims.edu 02030213318
Dr. Asha Nagendra asha.nagendra@sims.edu 02030213287
Dr. Pradnya Chitrao pradnyac@sims.edu 02030213217
Dr. Jaya Chitranshi jaya.chitranshi@sims.edu 02030213288
Dr. Mita Mehta mita.mehta@sims.edu 02030213208
Dr. Pravin Kumar pravink@sims.edu 02030213216
Dr. Suruchi Pandey suruchi.p@sims.edu 02030213245
Dr.Hirak Dasgupta hirak.dasgupta@sims.edu 02030213268
Dr.Komal Chopra chopra.k@sims.edu 02030213246
Dr.Vanishree Pabalkar vanishree.p@sims.edu 02030213281
Dr.Arti Chandani arti.chandani@sims.edu 02030213215
Dr. Ravinder Kaur ravinder.kaur@sims.edu 02030213213
Prof. Rahul Dhaigude rahul.dhaigude@sims.edu 02030213288
Dr.Sanjay Pawar sanjay.pawar@sims.edu 02030213241
Ms. Sanchari Debgupta sanchari.debgupta@sims.edu 02030213271
Ms.Preeti Kamboj preeti.kamboj@sims.edu 02030213214
Ms.Aadya Sharma aadya.sharma@sims.edu 02030213286
Adjunct Faculty
Mr.M K Gandhi mk.gandhi@sims.edu 020-30213287
Mr.Vivek Divekar vivek.divekar@sims.edu 020-30213201
Mrs. Renuu Kulkarni renuu.kulkarni@sims.edu 020-30213252
Mr. Rahul Wankhede osadmin@sims.edu 020-302132205/50
Mr.Rajesh Sathe asst.ao@sims.edu 020-302132205/50
Mr. Vishal Dhotre admissions@sims.edu 020-30213250
Mr. Ajay Unde adm@sims.edu 02030213201
Mr. Balasaheb Gajbhar adm@sims.edu 020-30213201
Mr. Mayur Shitole officeasst@sims.edu 020-30213201
Campus Administrator
Maj Patil BRG (Retd) patil.brg@sims.edu 020-30213320
Hony Capt Gopichand Malusare estate@sims.edu 020-30213210
Ms. Daksha Parekh Fulltime Warden 020-30213223
Mr. Laxman Powar Fulltime Warden 020-30213222
Ms.Shagufta Jahagirdar Fulltime Warden 020-30213220
MBA Coordinator
Mr. Anthony B. coordinator1@sims.edu 020-30213203
Mr. Santosh Bengale asst.coordinator@sims.edu 020-30213203
Mr. Laxman Hole academics@sims.edu 020-30213203
MBA (E) & PG Diploma Coordinator
Mrs. Anita Mahakud officerpc@sims.edu 020-30213286
Mr. Balu S Khandagale meecoordinator@sims.edu 020-30213206
Mr Anand Malekar anand.malekar@sims.edu 020-30213207
Mrs. Padmaja Kulkarni simsmdp@sims.edu, padmaja.k@sims.edu 020-30213207
Mr. Dhanesh Pathare dhanesh.p@sims.edu 020-30213300
Ms. Puja Pardeshi puja.p@sims.edu 020-30213300
Ms. Neeta B Ghumatkar sr.accountant@sims.edu 02030213204
Mrs. Radhika Raste accountant@sims.edu 02030213204
Ms. Archana Agashe accounts@sims.edu 020-30213204
Ms. Dipali More library@sims.edu 020-30213228
Mrs. Vaibhavi Zende library@sims.edu 020-30213208
Mr. Deepak Dhadve library@sims.edu 020-30213208
Mr. Mandar Raut library@sims.edu 020-30213208
Mr. Amol Pawar exam@sims.edu 020-30213202 / 0203-0213205
Mr. Sanjay Ghanekar exam@sims.edu 020-30213202 / 020-30213205
Mr.Sandeep More sandeep.more@sims.edu 020-30213205 / 020-30213205
Computer Lab
Mr. Sangameshwar Gharnikar complab@sims.edu 020-30213209
Mr. Rajkumar Verma rajkumar.v@sims.edu 020-30213209
Mr. Pradeep Waje pradeep.waje@sims.edu 020-30213209
Mr. Narsing Kundaram complab@sims.edu 020-30213209
Office Attendants
Mr. Jagdish Khatri 020-30213208
Mr. Arvind Tandale 020-30213250
Mr. Santosh Waroshe 020-30213205
Mr. Govind Jadhav 020-30213218
Mr. Ganesh Mahapdi 020-30213201
Mr. Ganesh Gajam 020-30213209
Mr. Santosh Katurde 02030213210
Mr. Santosh Balpatki 020-30213218
Mr. Sachin Dhotre 020-30213201
Mr. Vinayak Pujari 020-30213201
Mr. Datta Kadam 020-30213219
Mr. Vishnu Angre 020-30213210
Mr. Dyaneshwar Shinde 020-30213210
Mr. Praksh Gohar 020-30213208
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Wed, Apr 8, 2015

Invitation to Review for the Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies

Monday, 09 March 2015

Dr Mita Mehta and Prof Arti Chandani wrote a paper

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Acceptance of the Paper for TERRE YuCon

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Article Published in Financial Express

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Dr. Pradnya Chitrao and Dr. Pravin Kumar wrote a case study

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Prof Vanishree wrote a research paper

Saturday, 06 December 2014

Dr Mita Mehta has been invited as a reviewer by the journal
Prof Komal Chopra has been invited as a reviewer by Emerald to review their case studies

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Dr. Shubhada wrote an article in financial express

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dr Londe along with Dr Angelica Bahl and Dr Gregory Black of Metropolitan State University of Denver

Friday, 10 October 2014

Prof. Vanishree Pabalkar wrote two research papers

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Dr Chitrao along with SIMS students wrote a research pape

Tuesday, 02 September 2014

Prof. Vanishree wrote a research paper

Monday, 04 August 2014

Prof Komal Chopra has been selected for a Doctoral consortium

Friday, 01 August 2014

Spoiler title

Friday, 25 July 2014

Spoiler title

Friday, 18 July 2014

Prof Vanishree wrote a research paper
Dr Shubhada wrote a research paper
Dr Pravin Kumar wrote a research paper

Monday, 14 July 2014

Prof. Vanishree Pabalkar wrote a paper
Sanchari Debgupta wrote a paper

Monday, 07 July 2014

Prof. Arti Chandani and Dr. Mita Mehta wrote a paper

Friday, 13 June 2014

Dr. Shubhada Sabade wrote an articled which was published in Financial Express.

Thursday, 05 June 2014

EpSBS 2014 May has been Published

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Dr. Pradnya V Chitrao and Dr. Asha Nagendra Wrote a paper

Friday, 18 April 2014

Prof. Komal Chopra wrote a research paper

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dr. Shubhada Sabade's Paper has been published in Procedia

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Acceptance of paper IJIRS
Review-Marketing Management
Gold as an investment vehicle

Monday, 24 March 2014

Approval of Minor Research Project 2013- Dr. P. Chitrao
Seeking confirmation to go ahead with publication of article for Reflexionar Magazine
Paper published
Acceptance of Paper for Publication
Acceptance of Paper for publication in International Journal - Coming Issue

Friday, 21 March 2014

Best Paper Award @ GTU International conference

Monday, 03 March 2014

Study on Employee Retention and Commitment

Friday, 28 February 2014


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dr Shubhada wrote an article in Financial Express

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Paper Published by SIMS Faculties

Thursday, 09 January 2014

SIMS faculties Paper Acceptance Letter- JOM/IAEME/Ref Code:992011

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dr. Suruchi Pandey participated in Dewang Mehta Busines School Awards 2013
Prof Arti Chandani participated in Dainik Bhaskar National Education Leadership Awards 2013

Friday, 18 October 2013

Research Paper by Prof. Dr. Dani & Prof. Vanishree

Thursday, 03 October 2013

Google Faculty Summit 2013

Friday, 27 September 2013

Prof Dr. Londhe Apointed on editorial board of OJAS
Paper Selected in International HR Conference

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Prof .Dr. Shubhada Sabade Selected as Co-Review a Handbook for IJEB

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Research Paper by Dr. Vinit Dani & Prof. Vanishree Pabalkar accepted in IJAR(September issue)
Research Paper by Dr. Vinit Dani & Prof. Vanishree Pabalkar accepted in IJAR(September issue)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Two Papers from Mr. Srinivasan Radhakrishnan Accepted

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Paper Published in Global Research by Dr. Vinit Dani & Prof. Vanishree Pabalkar